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10 Things to Do in Latvia on Your Romantic Trip

There are many hyped tourist destinations in Europe, but some less popular cities are no less interesting and beautiful. Versatile and comparatively “unexplored” Latvia is one of the promising European destinations: authentic culture, atmospheric streets, scenic landscapes, and quite developed air and road communication. If you’re in the process of planning your romantic getaway in Europe but you’ve already been to many European countries, it’s time to explore Latvia. Here is a list of things to do in Latvia from marrybrides.com.


1. Take a cruise along the Daugava River

The best way to get acquainted with the Latvian capital Riga is on foot. However, the most comfortable one is to take a river cruise. When you see the city from the water, you get a panoramic view of its main attractions.

2. Cycle in Riga Old Town

Bicycles in Latvia are as popular as automobiles, and both young and old ride bikes here. If you want to enjoy the unhurried pace of Riga, leisurely see the main sights, and feel yourself a genuine European, rent a bike for at least one day. You can do it not only at special points but also in any hostel or hotel.

3. Keep your eyes open.

This is what you should do walking the streets of Riga. Try to count the architectural styles of the city. Different neighborhoods feature different buildings. When you explore the city, you come across old wooden houses, art nouveau buildings, colorful houses, and interesting statues. Make sure your camera is charged because you’ll find a lot of spots worth photographing.

4. Stroll in the Art Nouveau district

If you happen to get lost in Riga and find yourself surrounded by beautiful buildings embellished with naked female and male statues, gargoyles, and floral motifs, it means you left the old part and came to the Art Nouveau district. Wander a bit to find the Art Nouveau Museum, where you can see one of the most beautiful winding staircase in the world.

5. Book a table in Skyline Bar

Set on the 26th floor, Skyline Bar provides an incredible view of the night city. Going to this bar is a perfect ending of the sightseeing day. Since it’s a popular spot among locals and tourists, you should book a table in advance. Add it to the list of Latvia things to do.

6. Buy an amber mouse

There different money-related superstitions and omens. Some people avoid putting their bags on the floor, some keep their money only in red wallets. The Latvian have their own symbol of wealth. They believe that a small amber mouse tucked into one of the wallet compartments will attract financial success. You can purchase one for yourself or as a souvenir in any souvenir shop.

7. Drink Riga Black Balsam

Even those who don’t like alcohol should drink a bit of legendary Riga Black Balsam because it is said to have a beneficial effect on your health. It’s made with many different plants mixed in vodka. Not everyone can drink it in pure form since it’s a strong liquor. Add a spoonful to tea or coffee to warm up or cheer yourself up. If you don’t like the classic taste of balsam, then drink its blackberry variety.

8. Shop at Central Market

If you have a few spare hours and look for things to do in Riga, Latvia’s and Europe’s largest market is waiting for your visit.

9. Go on a day trip to Jurmala

After a busy day in Riga, go to the neighboring city of Jurmala to relax by the beach. The Baltic Sea is not very warm, keep that in mind. But the sea breeze combined with the scent of pines, spas, and vibrant life on the beach are certainly worth your visit.


10. Visit Kuldiga

Want to go to a romantic place? Go to Kuldiga, a beautiful town with a charming medieval spirit. Things to do in Latvia’s romantic destination: see the widest waterfall in Europe – Ventas-rumba, stand on the old brick bridge, walk down the streets looking at timber houses and Baroque buildings.