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555 Tuna Rice – The new favorite of hikers and travelers

In my recent hike to Mt. Pico De Loro with friends, we did not bring some packed lunch and opted to go for easy to eat food like breads, canned tunas and others.

By the time we arrived at the camping site, we all felt the urge to eat something full and satisfying. We were exhausted, and the beautiful view of the mountain was not enough to ease our need for rice. Yes, we all craved for rice that time! We checked the area and we ended up eating instant pancit canton!

I know it was our fault. Since Pico De Loro is considered a minor climb, we thought that having a full breakfast and bringing some ready to eat food was enough, but we learned our lesson. Rice will always be a part of our lives, especially me! I realized I’m gonna faint during a hike or travel without rice! Haha!

But you know cooking food and bringing packed lunch can sometimes be an inconvenience to some especially if you’re an “on the go” type of traveler.

Pico De Loro
Pico De Loro Hike

Well, you don’t need to fret anymore There’s a new “pambaon”(food) for every hiker! Introducing the new 555 Tuna Rice! A delicious combination of “tuna ulam” and rice in one light easy-tear pouch that you can eat anywhere, perfect for the on the go type of travelers like you!

This comes with 3 flavors namely Afritada, Sisig and Adobo. Loved all of them, and my favorite is Sisig for its spicy twist! Each pack is so light at only about 200 grams, so you can easily just put a lot of these inside your backpack. But once you open it, you’ll realize that it has enough rice meal to make you full!

And the best part is its price. At an affordable price of 27.50 pesos (SRP), this is a lot cheaper than a carinderia meal or some burger meals from some fast food chains.

So just imagine my excitement when a bag of 555 Tuna Rice was delivered to my doorstep for some samples. I ate some at home but I reserved some for my recent hike to Buntot Palos Falls in Pangil, Laguna.

It was a tough hike for me because it was raining hard on the way to the falls. The trail was slippery and muddy, so it was a bit difficult trek.

But all my body ache and exhaustion were all gone by the time I come face to face with Buntot Palos Falls. It was majestic and beautiful. I swam and enjoyed the cool water for a few minutes until my travel buddy, Ronald, reminded me that it was time for lunch.

Buntot Palos Falls Pangil Laguna

555 Tuna Rice
555 Tuna Rice!

I have a huge appetite so I ate two packs of 555 Tuna Rice, and shared one (Afritada flavor) with Ronald. We were so full that we ended up struggling going down the mountain. Haha! This is perfect for travelers like us who have limited time to prepare some packed lunch!

555 Tuna Rice Buntot Palos Falls
Eating 555 Tuna Rice at Buntot Palos Falls

In the coming weeks, I will be hiking the beautiful Mt. Ulap of Benguet. And guess what for sure, I’m gonna bring some packs of 555 Tuna Rice! It’s delicious, easy to bring and affordable. It’s now my official “baon” for my upcoming travels and hikes.

You should try this too!


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