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Amorita Resort, Bohol: More Than Luxury, It’s The Service


It was about 6 PM, I was alone, naked in a huge, fancy and comfortable room at Amorita Resort in Bohol when someone knocked on the door. I quickly put on my robe (sosyal robe! haha) to check it out. I saw one of the hotel staff with a smile and said “Good evening sir, complimentary from our chef.”

Then he handed me a small box with nice decorations and prints. When I opened, I saw four square shaped brownies. Our dinner with my fellow bloggers and TPB staff was scheduled at 7:30 PM. The brownies looked and smelled so good, that I ate it all. haha!

It was so nice of Amorita. That was something different.

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

So it was time for our dinner.  Amorita has set up a long table with lit candles, under the trees filled with lights like fireflies in the night. It could’ve been a romantic dinner for a couple, but we were a group.

It was the first dinner of the group. Our chance to really talk, bond and get to know one another. I was part of the TBEX tour organized by Tourism Promotions Board with travel bloggers from around the world. Our itinerary on our first day in Bohol was jam-packed so the ambiance was perfect to finally relax.

A few minutes later food was served. I couldn’t quite pronounce the names of some of the food haha! but it was delicious, from the appetizer to the main dish which was Paella Negra. The dessert was also good.

We finished our dinner with red wine and whisky. How about that? It was a nice evening filled with thoughts and experiences shared with fellow bloggers.

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort
Photo Credit: Zyrah Pabrualinan of Intas Destinations

The whisky must have been so effective that I got so sleepy and relaxed by the time I went back to my room. Well, who wouldn’t feel any comfort and delight with this room?  Take a look. I was alone but I have two beds haha! in a huge space complete with sofa and cozy table and chair!

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

My favorite part of our stay happened the next day when we had our breakfast. Haha!

I love breakfast, so I really enjoyed Amorita’s wide array of dishes of longganisa, danggit, sausages, fried rice and all. There were also some Western dishes and the soup was great.

After my breakfast, it was the time to explore the resort especially its pool which was just in front of the resort’s dining area. The amenities of Amorita is superb. Imagine lounging in front of this pool overlooking the view of the azure sea.

That day we explored Balicasag Island in Panglao, and after the snorkeling experience, it was such a refreshing feeling to dip and swim!

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

[Click Here to book a room at Amorita Resort]

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort

On our second night, someone knocked again on the door. Don’t worry I wasn’t naked at that time hahaha! Another box was delivered and I saw cookies inside. I ate all of it again. Haha!

Oh Amorita Resort is one of the best resorts in Bohol. With its amenities and fantastic rooms, no doubt it is on the top when it comes to luxury.

Bohol Hotel Amorita Resort
The group with the General Manager of Amorita Resort, Mr. Noel Barrameda Credit: Trixie Lago of TPB

But service is what Amorita sets apart from the rest. Those little things that make guests feel extra special and well cared of. For some the complimentary brownies delivered every night was just something expected from a high end resort but the truth is, it was really special. Something that will last and definitely creates a good impression.

A service beyond the extra mile. Something that will make you feel that you would love to come back.

Note: This travel to Bohol was part of the TBEX tour by Tourism Promotions Board. Thank you TPB! 


AMORITA RESORT (Click here to book a room!)
#1 Ester A. Lim Drive,
Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach
Panglao Island, Bohol
T: +63 38 502 9002
M: 0917 726 4526

Sales & Reservations
T: +632 856 1443 | 553 9549
M: 0917 861 9441
Mondays to Fridays: 8:00AM-6:00PM
Saturdays: 9:00AM-12:00NN


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