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Animasola Island: Masbate’s Stunning Rock Formations

 “This is it!”

Eloi told me with such excitement when we got off the boat and welcomed by these rock formations in a tiny island of Animasola in Masbate.

Ano yun? ( What is it?) I asked her. Seems like she remembered something.

Then she finally burst it out. “I watched this in an episode of Biyahe ni Drew (Travel show). Drew described this rock formation something like an old and torn pages of a huge book that fell from the sky.”

“Ahh, I see.”

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate


Then we both walked along the shore ready to explore the island. While taking some photos with Eloi, I was thinking, looking intently at the rock formation. I would really want to see the old torn book, but I couldn’t. Hahaha! One friend even told me that it looked like a helicopter on the other side.


All I know is the rock formations of this small island of Animasola are beautiful! And I can prove that through photos that you’re about to see in this blog post. 🙂

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Welcome to Animasola Island!

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Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Just exploring. You know 🙂
Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
I think I’m starting to see the old torn book. LOL!


Our first stop is this small rock formation at the tip of the island. My travel buddies there said that the rocks are like the ones in Biri Island. It was also stunning, magical in its own way. Look!

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
See? Beautiful!

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Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Wanderlust! by my beautiful Madam. hehe 🙂

Just a reminder if you’re about to visit Animasola Island, the heat was actually more intense there compare to the other islands we visited.

Some boatmen said it’s because of the rocks. You know it absorbs the temperature and eventually emit more heat. So if you’re going to this island. Be sure to wear something cool and comfortable, then don’t forget your sunblock.

Since the island is so small, you can actually explore it, like circling the entire island in a few minutes. We later went at the back of this huge (center) rock formations and we saw these beautiful natural lagoon, like a small Jacuzzi.

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Rose and Bert… Larawan ng wagas na pag-ibig. hehe

At that time, we just couldn’t take the heat anymore. Grabe.

We all decided to go back to the boat, since our tour coordinator said that the lunch was ready to serve. Of course, I was so excited upon hearing about the food! LOL!

But Joey, our travel buddy and a good friend, interrupted us for a while and told us he found a perfect spot for a nice photoshot. You know, I would want to go back to the boat but when your girlfriend gets excited upon hearing about photoshoot, who am I not to oblige? You know that. Guys, we don’t have a choice right? LOL!

But man, it turned out the spot was really something! And when I finally saw our photos, wow! Perfect.

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
oha oha! 🙂
Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate

We spent our last moments on the island by swimming and eating our lunch!

What’s good about Animasola is despite its unforgiving heat, the water there was cool, clear and refreshing. Sarap! I tell you when you experience that kind of scorching heat, dipping into the cool water was priceless. I could have stayed there longer, but I had to go back to the boat. It’s the food. You know. The food. LOL!

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
The water is so clear.

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Traveling by boat for hours on our way back to the mainland, I couldn’t help but think why there’s not much buzz about Masbate tourism. When it comes to beaches, why we are too focused on other popular tourism spots that we forget to see that there are places that are worthy to explore.

Masbate is underrated. This kind of beauty deserves better attention. So if you’re looking for an amazing summer destination, you have to go to Masbate!


How to get to Animasola Island, Masbate

This has the same travel guide going to Tinalisayan Island. Since this is just a few minute boat ride from Tinalisayan.

The jump off point is the Pasacao port in Camarines Sur. If you’re coming from Manila, there are buses that would take you to Naga. You can also ride a plane going to Naga if you have enough budget. Then at the Naga terminal there are jeepneys that will take you to Pasacao port.

There are 3 trips from Pasacao port going to San Pascual, Burias Island. Once you arrive at the town of San Pascual, you can rent a boat for an island hopping going to Animasola and other islands. It is better to coordinate at the local tourism office of San Pascual for you to get the best rates for boat rental and also for proper assistance and safety.

Guide to this island hopping in Burias, please check this post, Burias Island: Your Summer Destination in Masbate


Via Tours

There are tour operators that serve Burias Island island hopping tours if you need a hassle free travel to this beautiful place.


  1. Cha

    Hi, thanks for your post! gave me an idea as I’vee been planning to visit the place soon! 🙂 do you have the contact details of the tour operators? Thanks!

  2. Grabe nga! The rock formation is so amazing! Seriously, I’m also trying to look the book thingy that they are saying but my imagination is not working. Hahaha! I would love to visit it too then striking my signature talikod taas kamay post! Ganda!!’

  3. I’ve not gone to Biri yet so I’d compare the rock formation at Animasola with the ones in Kapurparawan. Now that Drew Arellano mentioned it, oh yeah, the edge of those rocks does look like a book that’s been ripped.

    I love that picture of the lagoon, the water is so clear, oh my god it’s so beautiful!

  4. Kat

    Ah, another one I missed when we island hopped in Burias! Drew’s description of the rock formation is very apt, I think. It must have taken years for the whole rock to form and look like that. 🙂 I also like that photo of the natural lagoon. I once saw a romantic photo of a travel couple kissing in the rock in the middle of the lagoon, and it was beautiful. One that will immediately prompt a person to ask, “Where is that taken?”

  5. The rock formations are unreal! I don’t think I’ve seen wavy striations like that. And of course, the water is so clear and inviting. Perfect place for both a hike and a swim indeed.


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