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7 Picture-Perfect Australian Holiday Destinations To Explore This Winter

Australia has hundreds of beautiful holiday destinations which can be explored by offbeat travel enthusiasts and holidaymakers throughout the year. This is a gigantic country which experiences different seasons, so you need to pick your holiday spots accordingly.

The country offers everything from outback destinations and striking cities to beautiful beaches and islands, wherein you can do all sorts of crazy holiday activities, however you must discover them in the right season to reap the maximum benefits of your trip.

For example, if you are planning to explore the country this time around, check for best Winter destinations in Australia and discover them one by one.

Self-drive road trips are one of the best ways to explore this incredible country and hence you can get in touch with Aussie Campervans to book a reliable vehicle for your trip as we had also done the same during our trip. To be honest, we had a great experience exploring all the beautiful destinations in Australia because we were traveling according to our own convenience.

If you want to explore the true beauty of Australia in Winter, here are eight best destinations from the country you can look forward to visiting.


Have Fun Enjoying Wines And Delicious Foods In Yarra Valley

Australia Holiday destinations

Holidays are all about being in such places that give maximum happiness and solace to your soul. Located in the state of Victoria in Australia, Yarra Valley is one of those places to explore during Winter, as you can do a number of interesting things over there. If you are a wine lover, Yarra Valley must remain at the top of your holiday destinations list, because it is famous for producing top class wines and its mouthwatering cuisines. Though you can visit this place throughout the year, it looks more beautiful in Winter.

If you want to sip pinot noir and sparkling wine directly from the barrels, it is perhaps the best paces in Australia to do so. It remains the most preferred weekend escapes for the holidaymakers from busy cities like Melbourne and Sydney because it’s way too different from such places.


See Winter Colours In Orange, NSW

Australia Holiday Destinations

As the Winter season unfolds, the green leaves of the tress get painted with a ting of yellow, brown, magenta, pink, orange, red and blue colours, etc. In the city of Orange, you can experience the trees affected by Winter leap colour every year from March to May. If you are visiting Sydney for any reason, you can plan to explore Orange as its quite close to it.

If you visit this place, don’ forget to discover the best bars and restaurants to taste local food and wine. If you are a nature photographer, Orange is the perfect place to explore during Winter.


Explore The Unique Charm of Hunter Valley During Winter

Australia Holiday Destinations

In the Winter season, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales looks even more beautiful. It is one of the most crucial wines producing regions in the country, and it lies in the North of Sydney. Travellers from the nearby states who are interested in photography as well, make sure that they visit Hunter Valley to capture its charm in their cameras. It’s a good weekend escape for the people from bustling cities to explore the nature at its best. You can capture the striking shades of yellow, orange, purple, red and brown in your camera when the leaves start changing their colours in Winter. You get awesome food and wine in Hunter Valley which is worth exploring.


Discover The Picture-Prefect Views of Adelaide Hills

Australia Holiday Destinations

South Australia is another interesting place to explore from March to May every year. Adelaide Hills, which is famous across the country for producing cool-climate wines must be visited during Winter if you want to experience its beauty. You can enjoy the warm sunny Winter days by exploring many striking towns and villages in the area.


The Clare Valley

Australia Holiday Destinations

If you want to see one of the oldest wine producing areas in Australia, go and visit the Clare Valley in South Australia. A large variety of grapes are grown in this area such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Shiraz, etc., which help in producing the best wines in the world. The Clare Valley is home to more than 40 wineries, which makes it a perfect place to get extensive information on how to produce quality wines. Visit the vineyards and cellar doors and taste the best wines offered by the region during your visit. There are many wine regions in australia which you can visit while your road trip.


Visit Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Australia Holiday Destinations

Tasmania is one of the most states in Australia and Winter is the best time to explore it. You can visit the beautiful Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park to experience The Turning of the Fagus – which a beautiful view offered by the Fagus trees when they change their colours from April to May.


Discover The Town of Bright

Australia Holiday Destinations

If you want to experience the fall foliage at its best, you must visit a town called Bright in Victoria. In addition to that, you can also discover Alpine National Park and Mount Buffalo National Park once you reach Bright.

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also visit cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, etc.

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