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Balite Falls: Weekend well-spent in Amadeo, Cavite

It’s true. We all need to make a living. We all need to survive,to pay the bills. Life can be tough to most of us, but we  have to realize that life is more than that. Life is more than working your butt off. There’s your family, your love to focus on. There’s weekend to rest and finally do what your heart desires.

If you are passionate about basketball, it’s your damn chance to hustle and play! If you are passionate about designing clothes, pause and dump your day job for two days and focus on your art. If you love writing and traveling, weekend is your perfect chance – breathe, relax and focus on your passion.

When I went back to writing and got really serious about it, time has become so precious and so as my weekend, and I believe everyone should do the same. It’s our chance to be ourselves, it’s our chance to dream and move forward towards it.

If you feel sometimes weekend isn’t enough to disconnect and travel, well think again. There are mountains, beaches and waterfalls that are just near the city where you can discover and enjoy.

Just like this waterfalls where I spent my Saturday afternoon with my girlfriend, Eloi – the Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite.

Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite
Credit: Wong Hoi Li / Creative Commons


Exploring Balite Falls

I live in General Trias, Cavite, so Balite Falls is about a 20 minute drive from us. That day, I fetch Eloi first then drove all the way to this waterfalls. Amadeo is just near Tagaytay so the air is cool plus the lush green sceneries is so perfect for a road trip. Cavite has natural waterfalls and wonders that are yet to be discovered by people living in the city. (Below is the guide going there from Manila).

Once we get there, I was surprised there was an entrance fee of Php 75 per head, it turned out that Balite Falls is actually managed by a private resort.

When you get used to seeing buildings, traffic and all, having waterfalls just before your eyes and it’s just about 2 hours from Manila (in my case it’s close to home) is just amazing.

The sounds of the gushing water and the chirping birds in a place surrounded by nature will give you the relaxation you need, and for a blogger like me, it gave me some inspiration and ideas for stories that I intend to write. 🙂

If you plan to come here by group or family, there are cottages available for rent for only 300 to 500 pesos. Balite Falls is like a combination of two waterfalls. We first explore the one lower or what they call the main falls. There are other tourists there but we still managed to find some time together. Of course it is necessary.

Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite
Balite Falls with divers and tourists.

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Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite
Eloi 🙂

We just sit there, holding hands looking at this beauty of nature. Sometimes looking at the people diving into the water.

After that the higher part of the waterfalls caught our attention, it was the most serene part of Balite Falls. Eloi could not contain her excitement as we climbed up, she was actually excited to take some pictures. LOL!

Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite

Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite
Water is cool and refreshing.

Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite

This is life 🙂

Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite
Eloi 🙂
Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite
Just constipated. LOL!

The water was cool, so relaxing, like a massage on your body to relieve all the stress of the week. Maybe I should explore more waterfalls in the future, or maybe I enjoyed so much because I was with Eloi. Naks!

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Balite Falls Amadeo Cavite

We laughed so hard. We had fun. We created memories of us.

And I believe that’s really the purpose of travel…of our weekends – to forget about work and do what we love and spend time with people we love.

It’s only two days of the week, but it is a perfect time for capturing moment, happy moments. Remember, at the end of the day it is better to collect moments than things, material things that we do not really need. 🙂



Travel Guide to Balite Falls (How to get there)

With Your Own Car

If you’re coming from Manila, just drive along Aguinaldo Highway and turn right when you reach Pala-pala (Robinsons Dasmarinas). Go straight ahead and turn left when you reach Mcdo Manggahan. At that point just enjoy your long drive until you see the sign that you need to turn right towards Balite Falls. This is near the border of Gen Trias and Amadeo, your landmark is the Welcome sign of Amadeo which is a huge replica of a cup of coffee, because Amadeo is the coffee capital of Cavite.


Public Transport

Through Aguinaldo Highway

Ride a bus going to Coastal Mall Grand Terminal. Then take a bus going to Trece Martirez, the drop off point is Mcdo Manggahan in Gen. Trias. Then take a jeepney going to Amadeo, tell the driver to drop you off to Balite Falls, then go for a 15 minute walk to the waterfalls.

Other Information – Balite Falls
Address: Balite Road, Amadeo, Cavite 4119
Contact number: 09261982789 / 09158069661
Rate: Entrace Fee of PHP 75 per head
Cottages: PHP 300  to PHP 1200

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  1. jackie rivera

    Good day! We like to visit this place,are there private rooms,airconed that my family can stay and relax?we are planning to go there in may17,2016.thanks a lot.

  2. What a fun filled day! The only waterfalls I’ve ever seen up close is Victoria, back when I visited Africa. Sad to say I haven’t been to any local ones. Ililista ko to, para mapuntahan hehe.

    1. jontotheworld Author

      Hi janine,

      Medyo malayo 🙂 from Ternate sakay ka ng bus papuntang Cavitex/Manila. Then baba ka sa Tejero sa Gen Trias. Sakay ka jeep papuntang Malabon (capital ng Gen Trias) then pagbaba mo dun sakay ka jeep papuntang Manggahan McDo. Then sakay jeep papuntang Amadeo, Cavite…baba ka sa Balite Falls.



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