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‘Bigyan ng Jacket Moment’ in a Hostel in Cebu

I woke up to the sound of two dudes who were in a hurry packing their backpacks.

It was my first day in Cebu. I checked-in in my hostel at about 11PM so when I entered my room, it was pitch-dark and I had no idea who were my roommates. They were all asleep.

I sat down on my bed, and they greeted me good morning. By the sound of their voices, I had an idea that they were Europeans, but of course I couldn’t distinguish which part in Europe. Hahaha! Until one dude introduced himself as Gustav. That’s what I heard and understood about his name. He apologized if they woke me up. I told them, it’s already 8AM so it’s okay.

“Are you heading South of Cebu?”

Yeah”, he answered.

The other dude was just smiling and silent. I guess he maybe wasn’t that good in English yet. But Gustav was in for conversation, while he’s packing his things.

They planned to go to Oslob and explore the Southern part of Cebu. They said they really liked the weather and the people of the Philippines. He said, “very friendly.”

My mind was saying, “yeah I know, right?”  Hahaha!

He said they’re from Sweden and they’re in a long-term travel and backpacking across Asia. He was in the middle of telling his story when I saw a towel hanging on the side of the double deck bed. So I asked him, “Is this yours? “

Gustav was quick to respond. It was his towel and he thanked me for reminding him. I even told him to look around and check their beds before they leave, and make sure they have all their things before heading to their next destination. I know how hard it is to forget something or left something in your hostel while traveling especially if its valuable.

They were almost done with packing, when I saw another jacket hanging on the side of the bed. So I reminded them again, “There’s a jacket here. Is this yours?”

I know, ako na ang official taga paalala nila. Hahaha!

Then Gustav looked at his buddy, as if thinking what’s going to do or say? Then he looked at me, and said, “Hmmm…There’s no more space in my bag. You can have it if you want?”

And I was like, “what?” but my mind was saying, “ang sosyal naman nito, wala lang space sa bag, ipamimigay na.? hahaha!

“Are you serious? This still looks good.”

Then he explained further why I should accept it. Hahaha! Gustav said, “We came from China and I used that jacket there, but now we’re here in the Philippines, I think I don’t need that anymore. So please get it.”

Then he stood up, and handed the jacket to me, while pointing something at the jacket. “It has a flag of Sweden here. So you’ll remember that this is from Sweden. It’s original and it’s a good Swedish brand of jacket.”

Well, Gustav has got some really good sales skills there. Hahaha!

He handed me the jacket and I thanked them both. After a few minutes, they said goodbye and left the room.

I know I still have to wait, and wash the jacket first. But it looks really good and of high quality so I went inside the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror while I tried it on.

Well, the result? It looks good on me. Hahaha! Look!

Cebu hostel
Inside the hostel’s bathroom, while I was trying on my new jacket. LOL!

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It’s fortunate that I was actually looking for good jacket for my next planned travels. Thanks to these two Swedish backpackers.

This is one of the good things about traveling.

You meet a lot of people and get to talk to them and exchange conversations and stories, and for me I got a new jacket. That’s a rare experience. And it’s even more exciting than Willie Revillame’s “bigyan ng jacket yan moment” Agree? Hell Yeah!