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Burias Island: Your DIY Summer Destination in Masbate

I want to share with you one of my best summer experience so far!

Though it was a rough and unpleasant land travel because our tour operator sucked, the beauty of the place was enough to take all our disappointment.

I am talking about Burias Island in Masbate. This is getting a lot of traction now in social media, but at that time, we went there when it wasn’t that popular yet. Just to give you a piece of advice, Burias Island is so beautiful that it will be too popular one day that you need to visit it now.

Well, you don’t need to worry. This post will give you a glimpse of what to expect during the island experience in Burias.

Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Approcahing Tinalisayan Island

Burias is one of the three main islands of Masbate. The other two are Masbate and Ticao. It’s  a bit challenging going there via Naga and Pasacao Port, then another two hour boat ride going to San Pascual, Burias Island.

But during our travel, we did it via San Andres Quezon, it is the farthest town at the tip of the province. There are boatmen that you can rent going to Burias Group of Island plus a side trip to Alibijaban Island. After hours of land travel we finally arrived at San Andres port, and we were off to our first island.



Dapa Island Burias Island Masbate

The moment I saw Dapa Island, it was not a the usual beach island that will blow your mind. The terrain was rugged and there were small holes on its huge rocks. I think that’s where sea snake live. Waahhh!

But that didn’t hinder us of exploring the island. Though it was full of rocks and rugged features, the crystal clear waters of the island was undeniable. It was still an enjoyable swim after all.

Dapa Island Burias Island Masbate

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Dapa Island Burias Island Masbate

A trip to Dapa Island will not be complete without climbing and experiencing the top of the island’s huge rock formation.

It was some kinda’ challenge to do some of rock climbing but once you get to the top, it was worth it. The view of the sea was just enough to give you the needed relaxation. Plus the sea breeze was soothing. It’s not everyday that you see that view, so just make the most of it.

Dapa Island Burias Island Masbate

Dapa Island Burias Island Masbate

It was already late afternoon when we were off to our next island. That’s where we also spent the night, camping style.

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Sombrero Island, Masbate Burias Island
Sombrero Island

It was pretty obvious why the place was called Sombrero island. We all realized that by the time we got closer. There is this iconic rock formation that looks like a sombrero the Filipino word for hat.

But more than that, it’s the island’s white sand and clear waters that really caught my attention by the time we got off the boat. Sombrero island is actually a private island so there’s a entrance fee of 20 pesos. There are accommodation on the island, those small kubo style houses. But to experience Burias at its best, go for camping!

We then set up our tent and before we knew it, it was already dark.

The night at Sombrero island was another experience. It was windy and the cold breeze from the sea truly relaxed us all that after our dinner, we just had some little chit chat and we went to sleep.

The next morning was really the highlight of our trip to Sombrero Island because we got a chance to explore it. The island is so little that we were able to circle on it in like minutes. We first walked towards the rock formation that looked like a hat and it was just awesome to see it up close.

Sombrero Island Masbate Burias Island

Sombrero Island, Masbate Burias Island

Sombrero Island, Masbate Burias Island

After taking some photos we then walked further to explore more, until we were back to the camp site. It was a perfect timing for us because it was also the time for breakfast!

Sombrero Island Masbate Burias Island

In a matter of minutes, we were back on the boat again to explore more islands. But before that we all got a chance to get closer to the famous rock and took some photos!

Then we were off to the next island.

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Tinalisayan Isalnd Burias Island Masbate

This is probably the most mind blowing place in the entire Burias Island hopping experience. Tinalisayan has this long sand bar that can be enjoyed in the morning until lunchtime. We were lucky to be able to witness its beauty.

Tinalisayan Island Burias Island Masbate
Summer na!

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Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Eloi, my beautiful Madam. hehe

This island is a place where you won’t worry that you stayed too long under the sun. It’s bluish waters and white sand are too inviting that you’d end up swimming for longer time. We would really want to stay much longer but we had to go to the next island to have our lunch. Besides, we were already starving.

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Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate

If Tinalisayan is all about stunning beach and sandbar, Animasola Island was another surprise. It has this huge rock formation that looks like a ripped off book, a giant one. Look!

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
I think I’m starting to see the old torn book. LOL!
Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Just exploring. You know 🙂

Exploring Animasola was such a joy and wonder. It’s rock formations are something you won’t see anywhere. It’s unique and special in its own way. At the back of the island are small natural pools that are also too inviting to take a plunge.

Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate

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Animasola Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
oha oha! 🙂

We then had our lunch on the boat and we enjoyed another few minutes of swimming before we finally travelled back. It was like a two  hour boat ride going back to San Andres and did a side trip to Alibijaban Island.

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Since summer is approaching and I guess you’re looking for a place to enjoy the sun and island life without trying the mainstream and too touristy places, I highly recommend that you also do this island hopping in Burias Island.

Indeed, Masbate is the next summer destination in the Philippines!



Burias Island DIY Travel Guide

How to Get There?

DIY via Pasacao Port – If you’re coming from Manila, there are buses that have direct trips to Naga. Once you get to the Naga Terminal, just ride a jeepney going to Pasacao Port . There are 3 scheduled trips from Pasacao to San Pascual, Burias Island.

Once you get to San Pascual, there are boats that you can rent for island hopping in Burias. It is recommended that you coordinate with the Tourism Office at San Pascual port for registration and assist you in renting a boat.


Via San Andres, Quezon

Superlines is one of the few bus companies that has trips to San Andres, Quezon. Travel time is about 7 hours! and the fare is roughly about 500 pesos. Another option is to take a bus to Lucena Terminal, then ride a bus or van to San Andres. But if I were you, just take the direct trip to San Andres.

Once you’re in San Andres, you can rent boat to take you to Burias Island. But there are stories that it is a bit hard to to look and haggle for boats to take you for an island hopping so I suggest that you join some travel groups that offer travel to Burias. There are a lot of them now due to the increasing popularity of Burias. Just google or check social media okay? Because I will not recommend the tour company that we used for this trip in Burias Island. They sucked and I don’t want you to experience what we’ve gone through haha. But then again, Burias Island is worth it. The usual price and budget for Burias Island travel is about 3,000 pesos per head. But just ask around and do a good research, you’ll find a cheaper option. Summer is approaching so plan your trip now.

Update:  San Andres port already has a system for renting boats for island hopping in Burias. For 8K pesos you can rent a boat for 2 days of island hopping, max of 10 persons. They already have a reliable queuing system of boats for the tourists.


Burias Island Itinerary

5AM – Meeting place in Alabang, then travel to San Andres
3PM – Arrival in San Andres, Quezon (again we had problems with the land travel that’s us ten hours to go there.)
3:30PM – Dapa Island
4:30 PM – Arrival in Sombrero Island
5PM – set up tent and wash up
7PM – Dinner
9PM – Sleep time

8AM – Wake up
8:30 AM – Explore Sombrero Island
9:30 AM – Breakfast
10 AM – Travel to next island
11AM – Tinalisayan Island!
1PM – Animasola Island and lunch time
2:30 PM – Travel back to San Andres
4:30 PM – Side trip to Alibijaban
5PM – San Andres Port
5:30PM – wash up and pasalubong
6PM – Travel back to Manila
1AM – Manila


Burias Island Map


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    Thank you po..

  2. Ariene

    Hi! If we bring private car in San Andres port any idea if there’s is a safe parking lot that we can leave our car for a night?

    1. Jon Espina Author

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      1. Ariene

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