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CabinZero Backpack: My Kind of Travel Bag

I’m just a simple dude, I admit I am not very particular with travel bag. Whatever is available, I can work with that.

Until I hiked Mt. Ulap in the mountainous northern part of the Philippines. I only have one backpack at that time, those bags for laptop at work. I know, you already imagined how heavy it is. I remember I just recovered from sickness that time, so the hike was a lot tougher for me. Butl I realized that part of my struggle was my bag!

It was so heavy and uncomfortable. It was so thick, the air was not circulating properly at my back,  so the result, I got all those extra sweat and back pain. That was the time, I realized I need a new bag, something of high quality, light and suited for a traveler like me.

Until I discovered CabinZero Backpack, and in an instant I knew that I would love it. First, it’s huge and very spacious, perfect for a big boy like me. Hahaha! Imagine, I always use a smaller bag. Aside from the fact that it has limited space, when I wear it, it doesn’t look good on my wide back and shoulder. It looks like it was just pasted on a wall. Hahaha!

Quality travel bag Cabin Zero

I got a Classic 44L – Ultra Light Jungle Camo Cabin Bag (£60.00 GBP or 3800 PHP) with a capacity of 44L and weight of 760 grams. Big enough to fit all my travel essentials yet light, stylish and most of all comfortable.

I’ve already used this bag in 4 trips including Zamboanga and Jomalig island, and I am amazed with its durability! It’s really of high quality with features like side compression straps, top and side handles, front zipped pocket, inside zipped and mesh pockets.

It also has a built in Global Luggage Tracker by Okoban with Thick padded shoulder straps and most of it has 10 year warranty. And if you like their Page, your CabinZero bag’s  warranty will be upgraded to 25 years! Well, how about that?

Quality Travel Bag CabinZero
Morning in Jomalig Island
Quality travel bag Cain Zero
Hashtag My CabinZero

Last May, I brought my CabinZero bag in my trip to Jomalig Island, a secluded island paradise in the Philippines with more than 5 hours boat ride before reaching the island! The travel can be quite tough and long but the island’s beaches and natural beauty are worth it.

It was also that time that I’ve fully appreciate my Cabin Zero bag. It made my travel less stressful since you don’t have to worry about having 2 bags to just fit in all your clothes and gadgets. I just have one big bag and everything is inside.

The bag might be full but it’s lightweight and comfortable, and it’s very stylish. I feel good when I wear it. I look like a stylish traveler now. I’ve never been concerned of how I look during my travels but with CabinZero, I feel good. And that’s all that matter Hahaha! I feel so connected to my authentic self, the traveler side of me.

Quality travel bag Cabin Zero

So if you’re looking for a spacious, light, comfortable and high quality travel bag, I recommend CabinZero. It has different colors and styles suited for your taste and needs. Channel the traveler in you, wear your CabinZero Backpack!

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