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The best locations to try your hand at scuba diving in Thailand

If you’re a keen diver, you’ve got to head to Thailand. Full of amazing underwater opportunities, the country should be on every diver’s must-visit list. With an average sea temperature of 28 degrees Celsius  and beautifully clear waters, conditions are ideal. We’ve picked some of our favourite places. Check them out:

1. Hin Muang

As this Thailand country guide explains, Thailand boasts some of the best diving spots in the world. It’s also one of the cheapest places to learn. They suggest Hin Muang as a great place to start your diving trip. It offers great visibility and the chance to see some large underwater creatures – such as manta rays and whale sharks.

In Hin Muang, you’ll also find purple rock – Thailand’s highest vertical wall, covered with vibrant purple soft corals. But it’s not a dive for newbies, so make sure you’ve got plenty of experience first.

Hin Muang Thailand Dive
Photo Credit: Arend Kuester / Creative Commons


2. The Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are one of the best-known archipelagos for diving. Great wonders await beneath the clear blue waters that surround each of the nine islands. Over 200 species of hard coral have been identified and the islands boast the most reef fish around.

However, it is closed from around the middle of May to the start of November every year due to the weather – so plan your trip accordingly. Find out more about the best times to visit the Similan Islands here. After all, you want to get in the most diving possible.

Similan Islands, Andaman Coast, Thailand
Photo Credit: mattmangum / Creative Commons


3. Koh Kradan Wreck

If you enjoy diving shipwreck sites, Thailand doesn’t disappoint either. Just off Koh Kradan Island, there’s a wreck said to be a Japanese destroyer. Now covered in fishing nets, it’s an interesting diving. However, as this site explains, visibility can be poor below the thermocline at around 15-20m.

You might miss out on some of the details of the wreck, but you’ll see some amazing underwater life – including seahorses, schooling fish, lionfish and giant morays.

Just north west of this wreck, you’ve also got the Hin Nok dive. It’s a plateau with five pinnacles and lots of gullies. It’s also home to the unusual feathery fish, known as the Ghost Pipefish. It’s difficult to spot, but you could get lucky.

Have you dived in Thailand? Share your recommendations with us.

Koh Kradan Wreck
Photo Credit: Jayvee Fernandez / Creative Commons s

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Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand -The Temple of Dawn


We hailed a taxi in Bangkok going to our next destination. Good thing our friends Joey and Sar, who’ve been based in Bangkok for a while, accompanied us to tour the temples in the city.

The sun has just risen when we arrived at Wat Arun temple. This is one of the most popular landmarks in Bangkok for its spectacular view of the temple from the Chao Phraya River.  It creates a stunning reflection and glitter from afar.

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Ultimate Guide to Border Crossing: Bangkok to Siem Reap, Cambodia by Bus

Our journey started at the Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal (Mochit 2 Station) for an early morning bus ride going to Cambodia.

The station is just near the center of Bangkok, you can just hail a taxi and you’ll reach the bus station in minutes. Just tell the taxi driver that you’re going to Mochit 2 Bus Station, or you can print out the words in Thai character for easier communication.

This is a huge and more organized terminal than what we have in the Philippines. Some westerners would find the station inferior, but for a Filipino, it’s way better than the bus stations we have back home.

There are two early morning bus schedule going to Siem Reap (8am and 9am), travel time from Bangkok is about 8 hours.

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Top 3 Things To Do at Khao San Road, Bangkok


I was ready to call it a night.

After a whole day of exploring Bangkok with my longtime friends, marvelling at those temples and haggling for the best buys at the weekend market, We were dead tired and ready to just lay on our beds and sleep.

But our newfound friends in Bangkok told us our experience would not be complete without trying Khao San Road which is just a few blocks away from our hotel.

I said, “hmm Khao San Road…Khao San Road.” I kept repeating it a few times before deciding to give it a try. I even convinced my travel buddies to go with us.

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Thailand – One Important Lesson From This Beautiful Country

I remember my excitement for this trip.

It was my first time to travel outside the Philippines. I have been travelling within my country for quite some time, and to experience other culture is something that I always look forward to.

At 2 in the morning, we landed at Bangkok International Airport, commencing my journey with my close friends in the captivating countries of Thailand and Cambodia. We planned to stay in Thailand for a few days, explore the city then backpack towards Cambodia by bus.

Arriving at Thailand airport already had an effect on me. I was amused at how the structure reflects the Thai culture, unlike our airport way back home which is just basic and plain.

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