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Sta. Cruz Island: The Pink Beach of Zamboanga

Hailed as one of the best beaches in the world.

This is according to National Geographic, citing the Great Sta Cruz island of Zamboanga as one of the most beautiful. It was early 2017 when I read about the story and it made me think that hey, someday I will travel to Zamboanga and be on that island.

A few months later, an invite popped up on my email from the DOT (Department of Tourism) Region 9 inviting me to take part in the Savores 2017, an annual food festival in the city and one of the side trips on the tour is the visit to Sta. Cruz island. Am I being lucky or what? Hahaha!

On our last day in Zamboanga, the van picked us up and brought us to Paseo Del Mar where the boats going to Sta. Cruz island were waiting for us. It only took about 20 minutes until we reached the island.

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Masasa Beach Budget DIY Expenses and Itinerary

More than a decade ago, I traveled to Tingloy Island in Batangas with some college friends for our school project. We were about to produce a Travel Show, and since a friend knows someone from the island, we decided to shoot there.

I haven’t heard of Tingloy at that time. I was just a student then, and I didn’t have any idea that one day I would be a Travel blogger hahaha After further research, I learned that Tingloy is an island municipality of Batangas. The only town that is separated from the mainland.

I could still remember the exact feeling when I first set foot on the island. Tingloy has a unique charm, it has a vibe that is welcoming. Locals are very nice. We interviewed some students and took some videos of the beautiful spots on the island. Until one local told us, that we should go to the beach.

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Jomalig Island Budget DIY Expenses and Itinerary

Years ago, I was about to join a medical mission in Jomalig island but it didn’t push through.

Ever since, I’ve been wanting to go to this island in Quezon, but I was looking for someone or a group to join. I don’t know at that time I had an idea that since Jomalig is so far away from the mainland, going there is a tough one in terms of logistics. Imagine enduring a 4 hour land travel from Manila to Real,  Quezon then another 5 hours boat ride going to Jomalig. Imagine 5 hours!

Well it’s only recently that I’ve finally decided to travel to Jomalig, the DIY style. And it’s the best decision! Me and my girlfriend, Eloi, loved Jomalig so much, and if there’s one tip to give you if you also plan to go to this island is, do it DIY! It’s going to be a lot more fun, and this blog post will show you how.

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Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

We were in Pagudpud, and we just learned that the nearest ATM is in Laoag. We didn’t have cash. Oh my, “How are we going to eat?” Haha!

This trip happened years ago. I don’t know if Pagudpud has an ATM now, but during that time we were caught off guard. It just didn’t cross our minds that a certain place could probably have no ATM. I was a newbie traveler that time, didn’t make enough research before exploring a destination.

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Burias Island: Your DIY Summer Destination in Masbate

I want to share with you one of my best summer experience so far!

Though it was a rough and unpleasant land travel because our tour operator sucked, the beauty of the place was enough to take all our disappointment.

I am talking about Burias Island in Masbate. This is getting a lot of traction now in social media, but at that time, we went there when it wasn’t that popular yet. Just to give you a piece of advice, Burias Island is so beautiful that it will be too popular one day that you need to visit it now.

Well, you don’t need to worry. This post will give you a glimpse of what to expect during the island experience in Burias.

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Matnog, Sorsogon: Island Hopping at the Tip of Luzon

Matnog, Sorsogon has always been a part of my younger days.

When I was a kid, a time when we had all the resources to frequently go back to the province every year, I’ve always had an encounter with Matnog port. Since my parents’ hometown is Laoang, Northern Samar, we had to cross the sea that separates Bicol to Samar, Luzon to Visayas. I could almost remember the morning mist from the ocean. Over the years, I’ve seen how a usual, bare pier has become a port that it is today.

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Bohol Tourist Spots and Itinerary

When I had the chance to visit Bohol, I realized that this island in the heart of the Philippines is a complete travel destination.

It has stunning islands and beaches which is the Philippines is famous for, but aside from that it has an awesome countryside to give a unique adventure and relaxation. Plus, it has an interesting history. No wonder, it was coined as the Jewel of the Philippines.

My visit to Bohol also changed the way I answer a question, like  if a friend or a reader asks about a place that I recommend to explore in the Philippines. If they want stunning beaches and all, go to Palawan. If they want historical sites ,go to Ilocos. But if you want it all, go to SM just kidding! Haha I mean go to  Bohol. Seriously!

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Nalusuan Island: A Marine Sanctuary in Cebu

After snorkeling at Hilutungan Island, we were off to our next destination.

I was pretty excited because I heard that’s where we were going to have our lunch. Haha The snorkeling can be very exhausting, so I look forward to the next island which is called Nalusuan.

It was our second day in Cebu with some international travel bloggers as part of the TBEX post tour. I was one of the Filipino bloggers invited by our Tourism Promotions Board. We woke up  early that morning for the island hopping in Mactan. When I hear about islands in Cebu, the first thing that usually comes to mind are Bantayan and Malapascua etc. Well, those islands are actually very far from the city and that would take hours of travel time.It’s about time for you to know that there are beautiful islands near Mactan Cebu that are equally stunning and most of them are Marine Sanctuaries.

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El Nido, Palawan: DIY Travel Guide to the Philippines’ Best Islands

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but it’s not me, it’s the biggest media and travel sites who declared El Nido as one of the best island and beach destinations in the world.  And there are still a lot of raves and accolades, but the list might not be enough.

What I am trying to say is, if you’re planning to visit the Philippines, don’t forget about El Nido. For Filipino travelers, El Nido should be the ultimate destination in your bucket list!

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Talisay Beach, Tapiutan Island in El Nido


A beautiful second option.

That was something that crossed my mind when I first saw Talisay Beach in El Nido. How could this beauty be just a second option? El Nido Tour C originally includes Star Beach as one of the destinations to explore, but during that time Star Beach was closed.

Our guides said, it was being used as a location for a reality television program from other country. That’s something to be proud of right? And honestly, I don’t have issues for deciding to go to Talisay Beach instead of Star Beach, because it’s gorgeous.

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El Nido Tour A: Breathtaking Lagoons

Our second day was also the start of exploring the islands, beaches and limestones of El Nido.

Tour A is one of the most popular in El Nido. If Tour C has hidden and secret beaches, Tour A is all about lagoons!

We were early on our rendezvous at the port. Smiled and chatted with fellow tourists, a chance to talk and connect with fellow travelers. There, we met Michael and Sarah, the Swiss couple who shared to us their travel stories and also how they enjoyed the Philippines. This is one of the best things about travel, it’s the people you meet along the way.

By 8 AM we hopped on the boat and the tour began.

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El Nido Tour C : Secret and Hidden Beaches

If you’ll have an ultimate destination in your bucket list in the Philippines, it should be El Nido!

Dubbed as one of the best islands in the world , this archipelago will surely captivate you with its white beaches, stunning rock formations and limestone cliffs. The question is, if you will spend like a few days in El Nido, what would you do? I recommend that you avail the island hopping tours.  

And definitely one of the best is El Nido Tour C. This tour covers the best and most adventurous beaches. It will entail a lot of swimming yet every destination is truly worth it. So let’s start.  

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