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My 8 Recommended Ways to Earn Online

“Jon, you’re unbelievable! You have your day job yet you’re still very diligent with your blog. Do you even earn from blogging?”

“YES!” that’s my resounding answer to a friend’s poking question.

I earn just a decent amount from my blog, but a big help as additional income from my regular  job. I’ve already shared this to you in my previous posts, that when my father passed away more than a year ago, I hit rock bottom financially. From the staggering hospital bills to loans, huge portion of my salary goes to payments. Don’t worry, I am much better now, but I couldn’t deny the fact that in times when I needed extra income, my earnings from my blog was a huge help, and I am very thankful for that.

So if my readers ask me if they can also earn online, I always say that it is possible. It is definitely not easy, but through hardwork and patience, it can be done.

I started my travel blog about 3 years ago. But even before that, I was already looking for ways to earn online. Until I realized that since I love writing, I can create a blog not just a way for me to pursue what I love doing but also for a possibility of earning extra income. Since I also enjoy traveling and exploring, I decided to write about travel.

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Cavite State University: A Talk About Blogging With a Purpose

Brene Brown once said that we are all wired for connection. And the only way for us to connect to others is to let ourselves to be seen.

As a blogger, I take this advice seriously.

When I write and hit that publish button, I don’t just blog about the places and adventures I’ve been to. More than anything else, I dwell on the stories of lessons, realizations along the way that proves my mantra, my belief in life, is true – we all have a purpose here on earth, our goal is to figure it out and get about the business of doing it. Read the rest of the story…