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Pastil of Zamboanga

Sadly, it was our last day in Zamboanga.

But the DOT Region 9 team was not yet done with letting us experience the culinary heritage of the city. Before heading to our hotel, they brought us to Dennis Coffee Garden, a local coffee shop that serves pastries and delicacies from Sulu.

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Knickerbocker of Zamboanga City!

We toured Zamboanga city the whole day. Yes, we were tired but still excited for our dinner, especially me!

After staying in our hotel for a few minutes to freshen up (naks!), we headed to one of the city’s popular restaurant, the Palmeras Restaurant which offers wide array of Filipino dishes.

Food was served, one dish after another. If you were as hungry like us, you would expect us to feast on the food immediately. But you’re wrong, we are bloggers remember? So we still took some photos, lots of them before anyone could touch the food. Hahaha!

For me, I simply snapped a photo and then that’s it. But you don’t have any idea how my fellow bloggers took some shots. There was lighting, proper plating. Just like in a studio photoshoot.

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Satti of Zamboanga

It was about 8 o’clock in the morning when we arrived in Zamboanga Airport.

I was lucky to be invited and be part of this press trip organized by Department of Tourism Region 9 Office for the Savores 2017, an annual celebration of food and flavors of Zamboanga that showcase its unique and diverse culture.

After the warm welcome by the staff, they said they are going to bring us to a place where some Zamboanguenos (or Chavacano) eat breakfast and with a truly authentic dish. After just about 15 minute land travel we reached this small eatery located at Pilar Street, Zamboanga City. It’s Johnny’s  Morning Sun Satti! Read More

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Curacha and a Lot More Flavors of Zamboanga

Curacha for me, is a dance.


Being born in Northern Samar, raised by waray parents, the song and dance Curacha (or Kuratsa) has been part of my childhood until now. It is a traditional courtship dance by the warays of Samar and Leyte, which is very popular during fiestas, weddings and family gatherings.

Little did I know that there is another Curacha that literally captured my heart, and my appetite! And I’ve found it in Zamboanga when I was invited by the DOT Region 9 Office to be part of the Savores 2017, an annual celebration of food and flavors in Zamboanga. Yes, in Mindanao. 🙂

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Where to Eat in Cubao? Try Café Maria Jerica Restaurant

Admit it. There are times when we just crave for specific food. Like in my case, last week, I craved for pasta, pizza, Buffalo wings and big burgers. Yes, just like my weight and body, I also have big cravings. Haha!

But when we want to eat these food, the first thing that comes to our mind is to go to the fast food chains right? Sadly, these have that similar, bland and plain taste.

At that time, I wasn’t looking for the usual taste of fast food. I want something much better, definitely more delicious and huge servings of course for my big appetite.

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PUP Sta. Mesa – Manila’s Best, Affordable Food Trip


After many years, I am back to my Alma Mater known as Sintang Paaralan to my fellow PUPians. PUP or Polytechnic University of the Philippines is one of the biggest State Universities in the country in terms of population. This is also where my girlfriend (Eloi) and I met because we were classmates in college. Yiihii!

It was supposed to be just a usual visit because we wanted to reminisce a lot of our student memories. But you know, after all these years, things have changed. We now have our own jobs and we’re older, but it will never deny the fact that within this university is where we started to dream and learn a lot of things in life.

And for some strange reasons, I ended up being a travel blogger Haha! So my visit to PUP Manila has turned out to be an amazing blog post worthy experience especially when it comes to food!

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555 Tuna Rice – The new favorite of hikers and travelers

In my recent hike to Mt. Pico De Loro with friends, we did not bring some packed lunch and opted to go for easy to eat food like breads, canned tunas and others.

By the time we arrived at the camping site, we all felt the urge to eat something full and satisfying. We were exhausted, and the beautiful view of the mountain was not enough to ease our need for rice. Yes, we all craved for rice that time! We checked the area and we ended up eating instant pancit canton!

I know it was our fault. Since Pico De Loro is considered a minor climb, we thought that having a full breakfast and bringing some ready to eat food was enough, but we learned our lesson. Rice will always be a part of our lives, especially me! I realized I’m gonna faint during a hike or travel without rice! Haha!

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Pinto Art Museum, My Pot Resto and Luljetta’s Garden Spa: 3 Things To Do in Antipolo

I knew it was going to be a memorable and safe trip, because we started it right.

Early morning, we made a stop to Antipolo’s popular church, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, famed for its stories of faith and miracles. We explored, said our prayers, lit our candles as we started the day of experiencing the charm, that is Antipolo City. It was just nice to be there with Eloi and my high school friends.

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5 Delicious Food During A Sad Time in Cebu

It was Valentine’s Day last year when a man and a woman suddenly appeared at the office. They were looking for someone.

One of them was carrying a guitar, while the other had a bouquet of flowers in hand. In an instant, we knew what they were up to. Somebody was lucky to be serenaded during the day of hearts. The question was, who’s the lucky one?

All eyes were fixed on them, especially the girls, probably expecting their partners could have exerted this tremendous effort to surprise them. The two asked my colleague who was located nearest the door.

They were pointed towards the conference room.

There, we all saw the lucky woman, she was fixing something as their meeting had just ended. It was my former boss, Ms. Al.

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Jollibee, Can I Have More Ketchup Please?

Just like every Filipino – I am also a fan of Jollibee, ever since I was little.

Jollibee has this indescribable charisma that captures the hearts of Filipino kids, a devotion that has stayed with them no matter how many new food experiences they’d tried.

At my age, I can say that I still love Jollibee.

This is where I eat for some occasional breakfast or lunch. The food just brings so much joy to me, as this also brings back my childhood memories.

I am a huge fan of Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Hotdog and of course, the Chicken Joy. Lately, I found myself eating Jollibee more often because of my niece and nephew. The charisma lives on in every generation.

On the business side, Jollibee is undeniably the biggest food empire in the Philippines, toppling the global brands such as McDonalds.

So it pains me…

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