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7 Picture-Perfect Australian Holiday Destinations To Explore This Winter

Australia has hundreds of beautiful holiday destinations which can be explored by offbeat travel enthusiasts and holidaymakers throughout the year. This is a gigantic country which experiences different seasons, so you need to pick your holiday spots accordingly.

The country offers everything from outback destinations and striking cities to beautiful beaches and islands, wherein you can do all sorts of crazy holiday activities, however you must discover them in the right season to reap the maximum benefits of your trip.

For example, if you are planning to explore the country this time around, check for best Winter destinations in Australia and discover them one by one.

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Do It The Local Way: Hawaii Bus Travel Guide

Why bother renting a car when there’s a local bus, filled with local people who will have the most interesting stories! Check out these routes located on Hawaiian islands, with tips and tricks, for traveling around the main island like you live there.


Oahu is the only Hawaiian Island with major freeways, and the four lanes going in either direction can practically turn into a parking lot during rush hours. When you hit stop and go traffic in your car you might feel like you’re about as fast as a sea turtle. Taking the bus can get you where you’re going faster during rush hour, and even when freeway traffic is flowing, bus travel can simplify your trip, especially if you’re having a couple cocktails.

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