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Taal Volcano Stories: Clean-up Drive with Starstruck Avengers LOL!

I rub elbows with celebrities.

Just kidding!

I just happened to work as a segment producer and writer for a TV network years ago, a long time ago. And those celebrities that I got the chance to interact with were not really big stars but upcoming stars. Hahaha!

Our show was a Public Affairs program that helps communities with activities and projects through the power and influence of celebrities.

Since our show has a very low budget, we couldn’t afford the big stars. Most who would agree to our very low talent fee were those who wanted exposure like new celebrities, mostly past finalists of the network’s reality show, Starstruck!

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Stress-Free Days at Haranah Eco Park in Tanay, Rizal

I didn’t have any travel plans yet.

I was focused on my work because there’s just too much happening on it right now. I even thought of setting aside my blog for a while and focus on work, like normal people do. But I don’t know if I can do that. I know I’m different. I need to write. I need to create and smash the boredom that routine life brings.

I’ve got a lot of things going on in my mind. I’ve been going home late at night from work very often, and it’s not making me happy either. But there’s nothing I can do.

I need a break.

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Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon

There is something mystical about lakes.

I am not sure if I share the same sentiments as others. It’s calming yet it also makes my imagination soar. It’s peaceful yet I feel something raw and pure whenever I explore and paddle through the center of it. 

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Bohol Tourist Spots and Itinerary

When I had the chance to visit Bohol, I realized that this island in the heart of the Philippines is a complete travel destination.

It has stunning islands and beaches which is the Philippines is famous for, but aside from that it has an awesome countryside to give a unique adventure and relaxation. Plus, it has an interesting history. No wonder, it was coined as the Jewel of the Philippines.

My visit to Bohol also changed the way I answer a question, like  if a friend or a reader asks about a place that I recommend to explore in the Philippines. If they want stunning beaches and all, go to Palawan. If they want historical sites ,go to Ilocos. But if you want it all, go to SM just kidding! Haha I mean go to  Bohol. Seriously!

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Loboc River Cruise in Bohol


Panaghoy sa Suba. (The Call of the River)

An award-winning Filipino film in 2004 which is about the story of the lives of Filipinos in Bohol during World War II. It was mostly shot in Loboc River. And with its success comes the curiosity of many for this river in Bohol.

I remember constantly seeing a picturesque photo of Loboc river that time. I was too young then that I never imagined myself that I would be an avid traveler and a travel blogger. But the photos remained in my memory.

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El Nido, Luzon, Nature

Kayaking at Small Lagoon, El Nido

It was the last spot to explore in the whole day of touring El Nido islands.

Though excited for the Small Lagoon, then finally go back to town and rest, I was worried that I might not be able to take pictures on this last destination.

My action camera was slowly losing its battery charge.  Oh no! So I turned it off for a while.

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Chocolate Hills: Bohol’s Natural Wonder

The Universe, or God, sometimes has better plans for you, despite of wanting something else.

For days and weeks, I’ve been waiting for an email, a confirmation about a press trip abroad. I remember how a travel blogger friend and me messaged one another every single day checking if one of us has received the email.

Two weeks before that trip, I gave up.

If I really made the cut, they should have contacted me earlier. I remember that night, I told myself that it wasn’t for me. There are other opportunities. Besides, I can travel to that country in the future on my own. I just simply…go.

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Ligñon Hill in Legazpi, Albay – A Better View of Mayon Volcano


We’ve been to Daraga Church, and we experienced the spectacular view of Mayon Volcano.

But sadly, we couldn’t get enough. Haha! Once you get to Albay or Bicol Region, seeing the beauty of Mayon is a must. And once you’ve witnessed it, you’ll surely want some more.

So we traveled for a few minutes to a place where the view of Mayon is bigger and better. I’m talking about Ligñon Hill Nature Park in Legazpi.  And we were not just treated by  Mayon’s splendor, we also enjoyed the panoramic view of Legazpi, Daraga and the Albay Gulf!

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Juag Lagoon and Marine Sanctuary in Matnog, Sorsogon


“Did anyone put sunblock? “

Grace, our guide, asked us.

Again, I was like, ”What?” Hahaha!

Confused. We were about to speak, good thing Grace later on clarified, “our next destination is a fish sanctuary. Sunblock has chemicals that can harm the fishes.”

“Ahh. Okay” We said in chorus.

We were in Tikling Island. It was an awesome experience. But after witnessing the beauty of the pinkish white beach of Tikling, exhaustion and hunger crept in again. I knew we all wanted to go directly to Subic beach to spend the night, eat and rest.

But we still have to go to Juag Lagoon and Marine Sanctuary.

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