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10 Things to Do in Latvia on Your Romantic Trip

There are many hyped tourist destinations in Europe, but some less popular cities are no less interesting and beautiful. Versatile and comparatively “unexplored” Latvia is one of the promising European destinations: authentic culture, atmospheric streets, scenic landscapes, and quite developed air and road communication. If you’re in the process of planning your romantic getaway in Europe but you’ve already been to many European countries, it’s time to explore Latvia. Here is a list of things to do in Latvia from marrybrides.com.

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Spot-on Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

Modern times call for practicality. If you choose to travel to relieve stress that’s fine, but if you travel and still be able to earn your keep, that’s even better. Having to make money while traveling is technically two choices, be prepared to sustain your needs by doing online jobs or by your job of choice in the place you are currently situated in.

Looking for work is easy, but looking for job that best suits you is the hard part. Basically, your primary goal here is to earn, and not a lot of people settle in looking for the best job they can be. Practicality is the answer! Take the job that pays. This is a cold truth. A piece of advice would be: Earn. Earn what you need, but do not be unhappy. 

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When do I Need Travel Insurance?

Even the most organized holiday plans can suffer from unexpected problems, which can affect your luggage, accommodation or your health, so it makes sense to protect yourself by taking out the right kind of holiday insurance. It is not practical to take out an expensive comprehensive insurance policy for every holiday you take, so you will need to consider each individual trip separately.

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Uber Car Accident Law – Legal Things to remember in an accident as an Uber passenger

Disclaimer: This article should not be treated as legal advice. It’s recommended that readers still consult legal counsel and contact a lawyer should they have any concerns regarding vehicle accidents.

If you live in a country where commuting or getting access to public transport is tricky, having Uber is almost like a Godsend. People praise the service for being efficient and practical, especially when everyone wants a convenient service to use in order to ride towards their intended locations. However, perks of Uber aside, Uber drivers and passengers are of course human too, so you’re not wrong to worry what if accidents happen, and what you should do in that eventuality. Below are some legal things to remember in an accident as an Uber passenger. Read More

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Tips for an Awesome Motorcycle Road Trip

Riding a motorcycle is not just a popular way of transportation. Over the years, it has become a way to express the adventurous side of a person as more and more riders explore and travel around the country with their big bike.

Well, who wouldn’t want to feel the rush of fresh air of the countryside while enjoying the spectacular view of the rice fields, mountains and coastline? More people are working hard on their jobs from Mondays to Fridays then embark on a weekend road trip by motorbike. Definitely a great way to explore, de-stress and be away from the hustle of the city.

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Booked My Staycation at 88 Courtyard Hotel Through Traveloka App

I have to be honest. I need a break.

Stress is not even enough to explain what I am going through. All I know is there’s just too much. Too much work for too little number of people. There’s no motivation nor inspiration to draw somewhere. Nothing. As in nothing. It’s sad, yet I know that this is a situation that I have no control over. So I have to keep going, and I have to do something for myself.

If you can’t find inspiration, search for it. Take a break and clear your mind.

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Glory Beach Resort: Your Hotel of Choice in Port Dickson, Malaysia

If you’re stuck in the city life of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for days and you feel the urge for some beach bumming experience, to soak under the sun and enjoy the tropical weather.

Well, you don’t need to look that far, because in less than an hour of travel from Kuala Lumpur is a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and island life. It’s what the locals call PD, short for Port Dickson, Malaysia!

Over the years this town has been a popular destination for locals especially coming from the nearby cities for some beach getaway experience. And with the advent of social media, Port Dickson is creating some traction among foreign travelers!  Aside from that, Port Dickson is not only about beaches! It also has some exciting spots that will truly keep you entertained during your stay in Malaysia. There are Ostrich Farms, Military Museum, Chinese Temples, 3D Art Galleries and a lot more!

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Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay: An Escape from the City’s Chaos

That week was epic.

That could be the worst and most stressful time at the office for me so far. Ridiculous workload. Unbelievable.

So obviously I was stressed. Obviously, I needed a break from all of these! Good thing there’s an invite from Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay for a staycation.

It was Saturday, yet I was at the office. Yes, imagine this. It was the most stressful week for you at work, and then you have a Saturday duty. Haha! So right after office, I went straight to the hotel. It was already about 8PM. When I arrived, I went straight to the gazebo where our dinner was served. Perfect timing right? Haha

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El Nido Hotel: Ocean Vista Inn and its breathtaking view

It was already dark, but I could still feel the different vibe of El Nido.

Some roads at the town are closed at night to make way for tourists to roam around and explore. That’s a two thumbs up for the local government. From the tricycle’s drop off point we walked a little to look for Serena street.

It was our first time in El Nido, a trip that Eloi and I planned for about a year. The first thing that you’d notice in El Nido is there are more foreign tourists than locals, which is a good thing in terms of tourism. The local shops and restos are a mixture of Pinoy and Western themes. We were starting to like El Nido and it was just the town, we haven’t explored its islands yet.

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555 Tuna Rice – The new favorite of hikers and travelers

In my recent hike to Mt. Pico De Loro with friends, we did not bring some packed lunch and opted to go for easy to eat food like breads, canned tunas and others.

By the time we arrived at the camping site, we all felt the urge to eat something full and satisfying. We were exhausted, and the beautiful view of the mountain was not enough to ease our need for rice. Yes, we all craved for rice that time! We checked the area and we ended up eating instant pancit canton!

I know it was our fault. Since Pico De Loro is considered a minor climb, we thought that having a full breakfast and bringing some ready to eat food was enough, but we learned our lesson. Rice will always be a part of our lives, especially me! I realized I’m gonna faint during a hike or travel without rice! Haha!

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88 Courtyard Hotel, Pasay: Uncompromising Comfort and Leisure

Pasay City is becoming the center of entertainment in the country with the proliferation of hotels, casinos and not to mention, The SM Mall of Asia.

It is expected that Pasay will continue to grow in the coming years as the strategic plan is already laid out for more entertainment establishments to be built. With this immense growth, comes the influx of more foreign and local tourists ready to enjoy the lights and glitter of the city, which creates the need for more hotels and accommodations. READ MORE