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Masasa Beach Budget DIY Expenses and Itinerary

More than a decade ago, I traveled to Tingloy Island and Masasa beach in Batangas with some college friends for our school project. We were about to produce a Travel Show, and since a friend knows someone from the island, we decided to shoot there.

I haven’t heard of Tingloy at that time. I was just a student then, and I didn’t have any idea that one day I would be a Travel blogger hahaha After further research, I learned that Tingloy is an island municipality of Batangas. The only town that is separated from the mainland.

I could still remember the exact feeling when I first set foot on the island. Tingloy has a unique charm, it has a vibe that is welcoming. Locals are very nice. We interviewed some students and took some videos of the beautiful spots on the island. Until one local told us, that we should go to the beach.

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Burias Island: Your DIY Island Hopping in Masbate

I want to share with you one of my best summer experiences.

Though it was a rough and unpleasant land travel because our tour operator sucked, the beauty of the place was enough to take all our disappointment.

I am talking about Burias Island in Masbate. This is getting a lot of traction now in social media, but at that time, we went there when it wasn’t that popular yet. Just to give you a piece of advice, Burias Island is so beautiful that it will be too popular one day that you need to visit it now.

Well, you don’t need to worry. This post will give you a glimpse of what to expect during the island experience in Burias.

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Potipot Island Travel Guide and Story

I can say I was normal, a few years ago. Haha!

I was like, the majority of us, who thinks that to live a satisfactory life, one must kill himself with work, and if ever he needs a break like a vacation, well he can do that just once a year.

Yes. Once a year. You read it right. It’s clearly way different from what I am right now who tries to explore new places for like once or twice a month.

But I had to be honest, that was me. That was my life. I focused too much on work, thinking that money and material things are the only way to go. Then if I need to travel, I just have to wait for my friends so we can travel together, once a year.

For me, the word “wait” is big. After learning much about life from my travels, I realized that the word is dangerous.

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Mt. Gulugod Baboy: Day Hike and Swimming in Batangas

I’ve been wanting to hike Mt. Gulugod Baboy for quite some time. I don’t know maybe just by the sound of this mountain’s name, I instantly felt the connection. Hahaha!

So entered 2018, I decided to go back to the mountains. On the first weekend of the year, I hiked Mt. Talamitam. Then after a few weeks, I finally decided to climb, Gulugod Baboy. Of course, I’ve read and researched a lot about this mountain before I decided to go for the climb. A lot of travel bloggers are saying that this is perfect for newbies. Well, the same thing I read about Mt. Ulap when I hiked this mountain in 2016.

Well, I think what I was pointing is you never underestimate a mountain. If they said that it’s just a chill and easy climb, never totally believe it, especially if you know yourself that you are not that athletic and all. What I am saying is you always have to prepare. Hiking is not a walk in the park. Read More

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La Union Tourist Spots and Beaches (Travel Guide)

La Union Special – that was the theme of our program’s episode.

It was years ago when I worked as a Segment Producer in a main TV station in the Philippines. During that time, my show was a Public Affairs program helping community through the influence of some well-known people and celebrities.

We were 3 teams. All of us traveled to La Union with our own story and segment to produce. I was assigned to shoot at a local community in Pugo, La Union. We gave out school supplies and slippers to kids. Read More

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Mt. Talamitam Day Hike Story and Itinerary (River Side Trip and Lomi)

I was sick these past days and I needed something to boost my energy. Also, I just wanted to start my 2018 right.

So on the first weekend of the year, I decided to hike a mountain. Yes, my overweight self finally decided to reunite with nature, trails and summit. Mt Ulap in Benguet was my last hike more than a year ago, then after that I stopped. I didn’t know why, all I could remember was I got busy with the new job because I really wanted to focus on it first. I had some travels in 2017 but mostly beaches. So then I gained more weight. The overweight travel blogger dude just got bigger and heavier. Hahaha!

This 2018, I will definitely be back reconnecting with nature and experiencing the thrill of reaching the summit. I’ll just go for minor climbs first then hopefully progress further. Read More

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Five Fingers Cove Adventure in Bataan (Day Trip and Itinerary)

This is getting a lot of attention in social media right now, and I know you’re also curious as to what this destination has to offer. Five Fingers cove to cove hopping (not island hopping) is packed with adventure and nature tripping that you can enjoy in one full day. Most of all, this is just near Manila, about 4 hours of land travel.

This is located in Mariveles, Bataan, a province known for its history like the Bataan Death March, but Mariveles has definitely a lot more to offer aside from history and culture. It’s rock formation and beaches will surely excite you for adventure and beach bumming.

Wondering why this was called Five fingers? Our tour guide said, this looks like five fingers when you check out its map. When I had a chance to get a decent internet connection after, I checked google maps and searched for five fingers in Mariveles, Bataan. I zoomed it out and there it is, the place with its series of coves really looked like five fingers! And it is just amazing that we were able to explore all coves in one day. Read More

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Bataan: A Fusion of Adventure, History and Culture

I remember the first time I visited Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan a few years ago.

It was our company team building. I was just a normal working dude then, never in my life have I imagined that I would be a travel blogger. Seriously. I remember I was  amazed with those old structures, but my appreciation has no depth. I find the structures beautiful but my mind was not creative enough to appreciate its history. I’m glad that I’ve grown these past years.

The most memorable for me at that first visit was all the good times I had with my workmates until we got drunk. I had those moments when in the middle of the night, I would look out the window and see some “guardia sibil” walking, or women in FIlipiniana. Then, I had those split-second confusion, Did we travel back in time? Was that a ghost? Then the logical part of my brain would kick in, “Oh they’re the staff of Las Casas. Read More

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Clark, Pampanga: Fast-Rising Tourism Haven in the Philippines

It feels good to make someone smile in the morning.

An Aeta vendor couldn’t contain her happiness when I and a fellow travel blogger bought her kamote, a root-crop that she was selling. I remember her bright smile, then she told us that it was her “buena mano” or her very first sale that day. When she left, I continued looking at her. She went on the other side of the road where a lot more of her root-crops can be found. I saw her pulling out the money from us, and spread it lightly touching all the remaining kamote.  That made me smile. Read More

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Laki Beach: Your New Getaway in Bataan    

Last summer, I planned to travel to Laki Beach in Mariveles, Bataan.

I remember how Eloi and I talked and prepared about going to this beach, but unfortunately, we received information that the beach was suddenly closed to travelers. Apparently, Laki beach is privately-owned, and the caretakers just advised the tourists there to leave the place. This was like in April 2017.

I even read some blog posts of my fellow travel bloggers who experienced the ordeal. They shared, that it should have been an awesome summer getaway but without any warning, there were advised to vacate the place immediately. They were actually given a deadline of 4PM. How about that? I felt bad for my fellow travelers, because you have to understand that Laki beach is located in a secluded cove surrounded by mountains and forest, so the only way to go there is through the motorboat. Read More

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Hundred Islands: A Trip Back to Pangasinan

I could still remember the last time I traveled to Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

I was a newbie TV producer then for a major network. I did a story about a coastal clean-up and mangrove planting in Alaminos, and we had a sidetrip to the Hundred Islands. It was my first time and I would love to enjoy the islands and the beach, but I was too focused with work. I had so many things to do and coordinate that I almost forgot the beauty that surrounded me. Read More

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Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool in Burgos, Pangasinan

It’s hard to be a travel blogger, then be on travel hiatus for a few months.

What I can I do? I have a lot of “adulting” to do. I have a new job that I wanted to focus on. Don’t get me wrong I am happier with my work now. Fund is also a consideration. I am still slowly rising up from a recent financial blow that hit me hard when my father passed away, but I am getting better now. So if you see a travel blogger who’s saying that you can travel with no money? Don’t believe him. You can travel on a budget and I have lots of tips for you. But to travel with no money? Come on! Unless you are a travel blogger (like me) and got invited to a press trip, that’s all-expense paid.

It’s a good thing that I still have a lot of previous trips that I haven’t been able to write on my blog. So though I was on a travel hiatus, I still have some materials to write about. Read More