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Curacha and a Lot More Flavors of Zamboanga

Curacha for me, is a dance.


Being born in Northern Samar, raised by waray parents, the song and dance Curacha (or Kuratsa) has been part of my childhood until now. It is a traditional courtship dance by the warays of Samar and Leyte, which is very popular during fiestas, weddings and family gatherings.

Little did I know that there is another Curacha that literally captured my heart, and my appetite! And I’ve found it in Zamboanga when I was invited by the DOT Region 9 Office to be part of the Savores 2017, an annual celebration of food and flavors in Zamboanga. Yes, in Mindanao. 🙂

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Lake Sebu : Facing My Fear, A Solo Travel to the 7 Waterfalls

Have you experienced that, when you thought of wanting something then you realize one day it’s already happening? And you couldn’t help but express your gratitude and amazement.

That happened to me when I first saw on TV a video of a traveler doing the zipline in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. By the time he raised his camera (or GoPro), it felt like I was the one doing the zipline. I was in awe of the spectacular view of the waterfalls below.

The Lake Sebu zipline is the highest zipline not just in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia. And the problem is, that can be terrifying for someone like me who has somekinda’ fear of heights. Haha! But I was surprised with myself, that I was really determined to try it. I even planned to go to Lake Sebu maybe next year to come face to face with this of adventure.

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Tampakan, South Cotabato: The Bla’an Tribe’s Plight Against Mining


The call time was 7AM.

Just a few minutes before that, I was already at the premises of Social Action Center or SAC of Diocese of Marbel in Koronadal, South Cotabato. It was not an ordinary day for this inspiring team who has been working hard to protect the welfare of the indigenous people. Our destination that morning – to the mountainous town of Tampakan.

I traveled all the way to South Cotabato as part of the SOS Diaries project of Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. or PMPI, an NGO that upholds environment protection as well as the rights of indigenous people. I was there to write and share the stories of people under imminent threat of mining like the current situation of the Bla’an tribe, one of the largest indigenous people of Southern Mindanao.


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Why You Should Go to Davao and Ride Their Taxis

“Thank you!” (with a sarcastic smile)

The taxi driver told me when I gave him 100 pesos for my 80 peso bill. It was a sign. It was his unusual way of telling me, he’s not going give me my change.

Come on. I am used to this. Most of the taxi drivers in Manila are like this, so I really intended to tell him to keep the change. He didn’t need to trick me and flash that mocking smile.

Again, I was about to tell him to keep that f*ckin’ change!

So I was really frustrated by what he did. His “thank you” should be intended as a way of gratitude and not as a way to deceive me. I was about to give him a chance to be nice and fair, why did he do that?!


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Samal Island, Davao : Relaxing Clear Blue Waters

You’ve been working so hard.

Stressed with workload you don’t even understand why there is a need to stress about. In times like these, all you need is a moment to unplug, relax, claim calm and clarity in a paradise. A moment, when you don’t need to think about work and just enjoy life.

The same thing I did with some friends when we visited the beautiful island of Samal in Davao, Philippines.

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