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Bohol Tourist Spots and Itinerary

When I had the chance to visit Bohol, I realized that this island in the heart of the Philippines is a complete travel destination.

It has stunning islands and beaches which is the Philippines is famous for, but aside from that it has an awesome countryside to give a unique adventure and relaxation. Plus, it has an interesting history. No wonder, it was coined as the Jewel of the Philippines.

My visit to Bohol also changed the way I answer a question, like  if a friend or a reader asks about a place that I recommend to explore in the Philippines. If they want stunning beaches and all, go to Palawan. If they want historical sites ,go to Ilocos. But if you want it all, go to SM just kidding! Haha I mean go to  Bohol. Seriously!

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Nalusuan Island: A Marine Sanctuary in Cebu

After snorkeling at Hilutungan Island, we were off to our next destination.

I was pretty excited because I heard that’s where we were going to have our lunch. Haha The snorkeling can be very exhausting, so I look forward to the next island which is called Nalusuan.

It was our second day in Cebu with some international travel bloggers as part of the TBEX post tour. I was one of the Filipino bloggers invited by our Tourism Promotions Board. We woke up  early that morning for the island hopping in Mactan. When I hear about islands in Cebu, the first thing that usually comes to mind are Bantayan and Malapascua etc. Well, those islands are actually very far from the city and that would take hours of travel time.It’s about time for you to know that there are beautiful islands near Mactan Cebu that are equally stunning and most of them are Marine Sanctuaries.

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Loboc River Cruise in Bohol


Panaghoy sa Suba. (The Call of the River)

An award-winning Filipino film in 2004 which is about the story of the lives of Filipinos in Bohol during World War II. It was mostly shot in Loboc River. And with its success comes the curiosity of many for this river in Bohol.

I remember constantly seeing a picturesque photo of Loboc river that time. I was too young then that I never imagined myself that I would be an avid traveler and a travel blogger. But the photos remained in my memory.

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Basey, Samar in One Day : Guide and Itinerary

It is not pronounced as Ba-sey.

That’s the first thing you have to know when you travel to this town in Samar known for its caves, underground rivers and diverse ecosystem. There is no “ey” sound in the Waray dialect. I should know because I am waray myself. I was born in Northern Samar.

The correct pronunciation is Basai or Basay. The word Basey or its mispronunciation was propagated by American soldiers based in the town during the American colonial period.

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Chocolate Hills: Bohol’s Natural Wonder

The Universe, or God, sometimes has better plans for you, despite of wanting something else.

For days and weeks, I’ve been waiting for an email, a confirmation about a press trip abroad. I remember how a travel blogger friend and me messaged one another every single day checking if one of us has received the email.

Two weeks before that trip, I gave up.

If I really made the cut, they should have contacted me earlier. I remember that night, I told myself that it wasn’t for me. There are other opportunities. Besides, I can travel to that country in the future on my own. I just simply…go.

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Balicasag Island : A Snorkeling and Beach Bumming Haven in Bohol

I am quite updated about what’s hot in Philippine Tourism.

Being a domestic traveler, a friend with travelers and a member of some of the biggest social media travel groups in the country, I can say I am aware of the newest craze or destinations in the country.

I’ve seen the rose to fame of Hulugan Falls, Kalanggaman Island, Jomalig Island, Maniwaya Island and Masbate islands to name a few. The time when everybody realizes that hey the Philippines is more than just Boracay. That there are still a lot to explore.

So I was wondering why I haven’t heard of any buzz about Balicasag Island in Bohol? That’s the time when I learned about our itinerary after being invited by Tourism Promotions Board and Fuentes Manila to take part in the TBEX tour (Travel Blog Exchange) in Cebu and Bohol together with some awesome travel bloggers from around the world.

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Palo, Leyte – What We Can Learn from Tzu Chi Foundation


The little girl told me when I asked about her name. It was an interesting experience for me, to be in a village where thousands of Yolanda(Typhoon Haiyan) survivors live.

We just finished our vegetarian lunch and instead of having some chit-chat with my new-found friends from DOT, tour operators and media partners, I decided to explore the place. That’s when I saw Margie, walking alone outside the school.

The place is called Tzu Chi Great Love Village, the biggest housing project for the Yolanda survivors located in Palo, Leyte.

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Reflections from San Juanico Bridge, Tacloban, Leyte

It was more than a decade ago when I first set foot in Tacloban.

I was a high school student and I qualified for a national writing competition which was held in the city. It was my first airplane ride, first travel without my family, and first time to be away from home for a week.

It was an experience that has become possible just by being a student writer.


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Lake Danao: The Pride of Ormoc City, Leyte

When you hear about the city of Ormoc, what’s the first thing that comes your mind?

For me, aside from the devastating landslide tragedy last 1991, I must admit that I also think about Lucy Torres. Haha! The actress and model turned congresswoman of Ormoc.

But wait, don’t judge me too quickly and let me explain my side about Lucy Torres (defensive). I already shared my story to you right? That for years I worked as a Segment Producer and writer of a major TV network here and I can say that of all the celebrities I’ve seen during the time when I needed to rest and de-stress at the company gazebo, Lucy Torres was one of the few that literally put me in awe. As in took my breath away together with my STRESS. Haha!

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Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park: One of the many reasons to explore Samar!


The moment the music was played, it was as if my heart jumped with surprise and joy.

“That song…that dance.”

It was the familiar song, my mom used to play every morning when I was little. Then I understood everything the first time I witnessed my relatives danced to the tune of this song in one family reunion.

All I knew was it was named Kuratsa (or Curacha),a native dance in the islands of Samar and Leyte. And being born in the province of Northern Samar, I am not just aware of this, this song also traced back to my roots.

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