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Why You Should Start Traveling with Less Luggage


Whenever you’re packing your luggage, you might be tempted to bring everything but the kitchen sink. But most of the time, you’ll hardly touch most of the items that you’ve packed. This is especially true for people who want to travel to tropical destinations like the Philippines. Because of the country’s many islands, you may find yourself transferring constantly between different modes of transportation.

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6 Tips to Travel Despite the Full Time Job


“How do you do that? Still travel despite the job?”

A friend asked me one time when he saw me having a full backpack again on a Friday. He knew that after office, I was about to embark another hike or travel to the beach for the weekend.

I totally understand why he asked that question. We are in the corporate world wherein we all feel that we are so squeezed and maximized to the point that we don’t have extra time anymore for other things. I got that. I understand that.

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