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5 Delicious Food During A Sad Time in Cebu

It was Valentine’s Day last year when a man and a woman suddenly appeared at the office. They were looking for someone.

One of them was carrying a guitar, while the other had a bouquet of flowers in hand. In an instant, we knew what they were up to. Somebody was lucky to be serenaded during the day of hearts. The question was, who’s the lucky one?

All eyes were fixed on them, especially the girls, probably expecting their partners could have exerted this tremendous effort to surprise them. The two asked my colleague who was located nearest the door.

They were pointed towards the conference room.

There, we all saw the lucky woman, she was fixing something as their meeting had just ended. It was my former boss, Ms. Al.

Looking through the glass wall of the conference room, we saw the woman talking to Ms. Al. She was surprised, and then after a few seconds a woman’s voice singing a love song echoed through the office. We all saw Ms. Al got emotional, witnessing the happiness through her eyes.

It was her husband who sent the flowers. By the end of the songs , we saw the tears in Ms. Al’s eyes.

But there were more behind those tears – little did we know, Ms. Al’s husband was already suffering from liver cirrhosis at that time.

And after a few months, he passed away.

Ms. Al was not just a boss to me. She was also a friend. During the time when I was so bored with my corporate life, she offered something to make me inspired again. She assigned me to be the sole writer of our Customer Experience Weekly Reader which was being shared to all employees.

It was an added job for me, without any additonal pay. But she knew it was that additional job would make me happy. I am a type of person who is not usually getting close to my boss. But at that time, she got all my loyalty and friendship.

Come on, most bosses don’t care if there people are engaged, inspired or not but Ms. Al was different. She was one of the reasons why I blog today. She was one who made me realize what I should be doing with my life.

So during that time when she was in Cebu to take care of her husband’s burial, I knew I had to be there.

Together with some friends, we flew to Cebu. It was unexpected that my first time in Cebu would be filled with sadness, but it was okay because I knew Cebu has a lot to offer even though I wasn’t able to explore the place.

For 4 days, we spent most of our time at the wake. I wasn’t able to explore Cebu that much. We were also down in spirits because of the situation.

But I had no idea that Cebu’s food alone was enough…enough to uplift my spirit, enough to make us smile again.

Cebu has one of most delicious and exciting delicacies in the Philippines. And here are just 5 that captured my heart.


1. Puso with Barbeque

Cebu Puso

Puso (poo-So) is also called hanging rice, wrapped in a casing made of coconut leaves. Puso is so popular in Cebu that you could find these everywhere, from a simple carinderia and stalls to the high-end restaurants. Through the years, this has become an icon of Cebuano food!

cebu food
Best Paired with Puso – Credit: foodietravelscebu


The rice’s casing which is made of coconut leaves in a way has affected the rice’s taste in a delicious way. Besides, these are usually being eaten straight out of the leaves, no need for spoon and fork, being paired with grilled pork or chicken.


2. Cebu Lechon

Cebu Lechon


Hailed as the best roasted pig, Cebu Lechon has definitely conquered the world!

Cebu has the best tasting lechon I’ve ever had. It has the perfect combination of juicy meat and ridiculously crispy skin. It’s delicious. It’s crazy!

When you get to Cebu, do not forget to experience this. You can check some top restaurants that offer the best tasting lechon like CNT Lechon, Rico’s Lechon and Zubuchon!

Lechon Belly Cebu
Lechon Belly. Credit:


3. Brian’s Ribs of Casa Verde

brians ribs casa verde Cebu
Brian’s Ribs! – Credit:

This one is huge, delicious and flavorful.

And I didn’t regret the moment I spent on eating this during our little freetime in the morning in Cebu. No more words to say, just look at the photo.

One thing I can assure you, it’s worth it. And though there are already some branches of Casa Verde in Manila, I still recommend to try it in Cebu.

4. Lava Cake of Fudge

lava cake fudge Cebu
Lava Cake! – Credit:

I admit I love food but I am not really a fan of desserts. I prefer real food, like mouth-watering Filipino delicacies like adobo, caldereta and lechon!

But I just changed my mind when I tasted the Lava Cake of Fudge Restaurant in Cebu. This is just one of the best cakes out there.

Its core is filled with hot chocolate that just compliments well with the vanilla ice cream. Pretty weird combination of hot and cold, but it’s just so good. It’s like an explosion of warm chocolate and vanilla in your mouth.

This can really make you smile in a gloomy day.

5. Danggit!

Taboan Cebu Danggit

Its smell can probably make someone unhappy, like the taxi driver we encountered after buying a ton of danggit and fried fish at Taboan Market,Cebu.

During our last few days in Cebu, we decided to visit the place to buy some danggit.

Being a waray (bisaya) myself, I am used to eating dried fish but man nothing can be crispier and more delicious than the danggit of Cebu. It’s perfect for breakfast partnered with fried rice and egg.

Well as for me, I can eat it even during lunch or dinner. 🙂

Verdict for Cebu Food

My first time in Cebu can be considered a sad time, but the food just made up for it. This just proves that traveling is not just about places. Indeed, food can really affect someone’s mood and perspective.

Also, I am happy that Ms. Al is getting better after the devastating loss.

Maybe when life becomes unbearable, I’ll just visit Cebu again and eat, enjoy their delectable food!


  1. haze :)

    Wow jon!!! You blog real well, punong puno ng puso 🙂 i’m going back to Cebu on the 24th and i’d definitely try the lava cake, yung 4 kase nakain ko na but after reading your post, parang gusto ko ulit ulitin and savor the moment na! Keep blogging ha, you ROCK!!! 🙂 hope to see you and the tropa soon!!!

    1. jontotheworld Author

      Oo. I’m gonna go back Brennan! hahaha

      Sabi nga ng isang kaibigan ko sa Cebu. “sana when you go back yung hind tayo malungkot (about the wake).

      I’ll inform you when I get there soon. Libre mokong Zubuchon. Joke! haha


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