Eat All You Chicken Wings in Cavite for only 199 Pesos!

I was browsing my phone when I saw this ad.

You know how technology works nowadays, small businesses can launch ads on Facebook targeting their market. In this case, I was targeted, a Cavite resident and a PG (patay gutom). Hahaha I love eating.

It was an Ad about a new restaurant in Gen. Trias which features chicken as their main dish. When I checked their page, I was intrigued by what they’re selling, Eat All You Can Chicken Wings for 199 pesos! Wow!

And lo and behold, their location is just near our place. What a coincidence right?

This is Gudwings! the newest restaurant in Gen. Trias, Cavite that offers mouth-watering fried and flavored chicken wings. The Unli Chicken Wings promo is for their fried chicken wings only but when they have what they call chicken flavor of the month they let you try it first then you can have as much fried chicken wings as you want! By the way, it’s also unli rice! 

So one time, I decided to go there and check the place. Locating it was just a piece of cake. When I entered the resto, they were still some work going on inside, the place was just newly opened. Inside are the usual tables and chairs but has a usual local Filipino vibe. Most of the things inside are made up of wood including the decorations.

I checked their menu and they offer different varieties of Chicken Wings. The Eat All You Can Package is only 199 pesos with choices of different sauces. During that time, they were promoting their Buffalo wings.

I availed their Eat All You Can Chicken Wings, but they first served me their buffalo wings, then after that I can have the usual fried chicken wings for as much as I want.

Chicken Wings Cavite
Buffalo Wings

The buffalo wings tasted good. It’s spicy but very tolerable just the right amount of spices. It was only a matter of minutes when I ate it all! Hahaha

It’s a nice thing that their staff is always ready. They are very sensitive to your needs. They know if you’ve finished eating, and always ready to ask if you want some more.

Of course, I said yes!

They served me another set of chicken wings. This time the usual fried chicken wings and imagine, I can have as many of that with unli rice too! I can also pick my choices of sauce. I chose Smokey BBQ sauce and Glazed Teriyaki which complemented really well with the chicken.

I think I got another 2 sets of chicken wings. Well, be careful for those who have high cholesterol okay? Chicken meat that are near the bones has more cholesterol (like chicken wings) than the white meat, that’s what my doctor told me, so be cautious with this food. It doesn’t mean that this is unlimited, you need to eat more than what you can. It is better to go this resto with family and friends, you’ll definitely enjoy the company.

My verdict with Gudwings Unli Chicken Wings. It’s actually good, but its just like your usual chicken wings. Honestly, I liked the buffalo wings more because of its spice and flavor.

The good thing about the fried chicken wings is because of its simple taste and recipe, it actually feels like a homecook meal. In a way it makes you feel at home.

chicken wings cavite

chicken wings cavite

All in all. The food was good. Nothing spectacular about it but it was good and satisfactory. I think the best about this resto is it’s so SULIT! For only 199 you can have unlimited chicken wings and rice.

You gotta be ready when you visit Gudwings! Don’t eat breakfast before going here and have a feast! Hahaha!

Gudwings Details
Address: 0135 Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Ave, Brgy. Manggahan, General Trias, Cavite
Contact number:  0949 483 0707
Facebook Page: Gud Wings 
Opens at 9 AM to 10 PM


How to get there?

Just a ride a bus from terminal or at the Don Aldrin Bus station at Pasay Rotonda bound to Trece Martirez. Drop off point is at Manggahan (Mcdo) at Gen. Trias. Once you’re there look for the road going to Amadeo. Just walk a few meters passing through that road until you see Gudwings!

To those who live in Cavite, come on you know this place. You know Manggahan Mcdo right? It’s just a walking distance from there. Below is the map for your reference.

Gudwings Map

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