Where to Eat in Cubao? Try Café Maria Jerica Restaurant

Admit it. There are times when we just crave for specific food. Like in my case, last week, I craved for pasta, pizza, Buffalo wings and big burgers. Yes, just like my weight and body, I also have big cravings. Haha!

But when we want to eat these food, the first thing that comes to our mind is to go to the fast food chains right? Sadly, these have that similar, bland and plain taste.

At that time, I wasn’t looking for the usual taste of fast food. I want something much better, definitely more delicious and huge servings of course for my big appetite.

Cafe Maria Jerica
Cafe Maria Jerica


Until we found out about a restaurant in Cubao that offers a wide array of pasta, pizza, burgers. This was recommended by our friend who works in a call center. You know if you want to know more about the best restaurants and places to eat, call center workers are the best to ask. These people just know it. They are stressed from night shift work and mostly they scout for something delicious after their shift.

Well, this restaurant I am talking about is Café Maria Jerica. They have two branches in Cubao at 13Th Avenue and their main branch is at 14th Avenue.

Eloi and I decided to try it once like a few months ago at their 13th Avenue branch, just a walking distance from Ali Mall Cubao. I was really satisfied with the food, but at first I didn’t bother to create a blog post about it. I was still engrossed with the idea of sticking to travel stories.

But when Eloi and I came back because of my craving. I was so happy with the food and the entire experience that I would want to share it with you.

We went back to the 13th Avenue branch first, but upon knowing some of our favorites were not available we decided to go straight to their main branch. And it was just another walking distance. 🙂

Eat in Cubao Cafe Maria Jerica
Main Branch at 14th Avenue

Most of the restaurants are located in the business districts and malls but Café Maria Jerica’s location is in the middle of the residential area. A restaurant that avid customers are really taking extra effort and time to visit.

Café Maria Jerica is like a house that was converted into a restaurant. When you go inside, it will give you a very homey vibe, preparing you for the sumptuous treat.

We ordered many choices in the menu. These are our favorites – pasta carbonara, chicken fingers, Bacon mushroom melt and our new favorite pizza, the cheese burger pizza! We paired these with mango shakes. 🙂

Eat in Cubao Cafe Maria Jerica Restaurant

Pasta Carbonara is a level up to the usual carbonara that we eat at restos and fast food chains.It’s generous with creaminess and serving. This is good for 2. Sulit for 85 Php!

Eat Cubao Carbonara Cafe Maria Jerica Restaurant
Carbonara for only 85 pesos!

When we’re done with Carbonara, it felt like were already full. Haha! Then we realize we still have a lot of food to eat!

Cheese Burger Pizza was a surprise. I was expecting it to be just okay since I thought that pizza is not really the specialty of this restaurant, but it was really good! And it’s because of a lot of cheese and sliced burger patties on top!

With its taste and generous serving, you wouldn’t believe that this is only 120Php!

Eat in Cubao Cafe Maria Jerica Restaurant
Cheese Burger Pizza for only 120 pesos!

Buffalo wings and chicken fingers are my favorites! It’s so tasty that when I eat it I want to ask for rice even though I’m already full. Haha! Chicken fingers is crispy on the outside but soft inside. And it suits perfectly with its sauce.

I have nothing to say about the buffalo wings. Just try it. Highly recommended!

Eat in Cubao Cafe Maria Jerica Restaurant
Delicious Buffalo Wings for 150 pesos.

The Bacon Mushroom Melt is huge! The patty is also big and the best about it, it’s topped with bacon and a lot of cheese.

We already tried this the first time we ate at the 13th Avenue, but at that time, we just were already full. It was impossible for us to take more food afear eating carbonara, big pizza, and chicken fingers. And the solution is go for take out!

Eat in Cubao Cafe Maria Jerica Restaurant
Big Bacon Mushroom Melt for 110 pesos!

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Eat in Cubao Cafe Maria Jerica Restaurant
Happy! 🙂

We left Café Maria Jerica Restaurant so satisfied. Delicious food for generous servings at an affordable price. What more could you ask for?

This is the kind of restaurant that you’re willing to exert some extra effort to visit again and again. We’re definitely going back for the Nth time. And if ever I crave again for pizza, chicken wings and pasta, let’s see each other there!


Cafe Maria Jerica
Address: No.35 14th Ave., Socorro, Quezon City, Cubao  (Main Branch)
Contact: 09224191649
Branch: 13th Avenue, Cubao


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