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El Nido Hotel: Ocean Vista Inn and its breathtaking view

It was already dark, but I could still feel the different vibe of El Nido.

Some roads at the town are closed at night to make way for tourists to roam around and explore. That’s a two thumbs up for the local government. From the tricycle’s drop off point we walked a little to look for Serena street.

It was our first time in El Nido, a trip that Eloi and I planned for about a year. The first thing that you’d notice in El Nido is there are more foreign tourists than locals, which is a good thing in terms of tourism. The local shops and restos are a mixture of Pinoy and Western themes. We were starting to like El Nido and it was just the town, we haven’t explored its islands yet.

We walked along a narrow road with colorful lights of the small establishments, until we reached our hotel, Ocean Vista Inn. its location is convenient to any travelers, its near the beach and to the center of the town, everything is just a walking distance.

We were warmly welcomed by Sai, the hotel staff on duty that night. He was nice and really made an effort to converse and ask how was our trip. Sai led us to our room and wished us an awesome stay at the hotel.

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn

The room was clean and fully furnished complete with television and most importantly the Aircon is in its full blast. You know after hours of land travel from Puerto Princesa, all you need is a relaxing, soft bed and a cool aircon. Haha!

The washroom was spotless clean and the you don’t need to worry about toiletries because they have it for you.

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
El Nido’s night life

After taking a bath and all, it was time to explore the beach and the town at night. By the time we went back, Sai was still there and his smile.

Ocean Vista Inn  was actually an ancestral house of the owner’s family, Mr. Philip Morales.  In 2014, they started to convert the house into a hotel to provide good accommodation to the growing tourists in El Nido. On September 2015, Ocean Vista Inn opened its doors to guests.

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn

Ocean Vista Inn offers free breakfast to all their guests, so the next day we went up to the 3rd floor to have breakfast. And oh we didn’t expect what we witnessed there, a spectacular view of the El Nido sea, with stunning limestones.

The view was enough to start your day, plus the food was great. Their pinoy silog meals with fruits and coffee complemented well with the ambiance. Eloi and I truly enjoyed the moment.

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
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Ocean Vista Inn offers Standard, Twin Bed Rooms and Deluxe Rooms that can accommodate about 15 to 18 guests. This hotel is not that big in terms of lot size but the good thing is since they have fewer number of rooms, they are able to manage the hotel and serve their guests better.

They also offer El Nido tours so you can just ask their personnel to assist you.

El Nido Hotels Ocean Vista Inn

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
Smile. Sai in the middle and the rest of the staff of Ocean Vista Inn

In terms of connectivity, honestly I was surprised that I was able to browse the net, check social media and even update my Instagram. I am aware that internet in El Nido is not that good, that is in addition to the fact that as a whole, Philippines has a slow internet connection compare to other countries. I think Telcos here should be ashamed by that statement.

But going back to the hotel’s wifi, I was able to connect and browse. This is something that the hotel should maintain especially for tourists and guests that have preference for reliable connectivity.

El Nido Hotel Ocean Vista Inn
El Nido is a paradise

After a full day of swimming and exploring the beauty of El Nido, it’s so good to go back to a comfortable room and bed. Plus, the smiles of the staff, it truly made our stay much of a delight. I am happy that Ocean Vista Inn is part of our unforgettable memories of El Nido.

Ocean Vista Inn (Book Now!)
Email add: oceanvistaelnido@yahoo.com
Location address: Serena St. Bgy. Buena Suerte Zone II, 5313 El Nido, Palawan   09778059993
Website: oceanvistainnelnido.com

Thank you Sir Philip Morales. Our stay at Ocean Vista Inn was complimentary. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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