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El Nido Tour A: Breathtaking Lagoons

Our second day was also the start of exploring the islands, beaches and limestones of El Nido.

Tour A is one of the most popular in El Nido. If Tour C has hidden and secret beaches, Tour A is all about lagoons!

We were early on our rendezvous at the port. Smiled and chatted with fellow tourists, a chance to talk and connect with fellow travelers. There, we met Michael and Sarah, the Swiss couple who shared to us their travel stories and also how they enjoyed the Philippines. This is one of the best things about travel, it’s the people you meet along the way.

By 8 AM we hopped on the boat and the tour began.

Though tour A is known for its breathtaking lagoons, our first stop that morning was a beach. The clear waters, and limestones of  the 7 Commandos Beach.


7 Commandos Beach

7 Commandos Beach El Nido Palawan
Approaching the island 🙂

It is the nearest to the El Nido town so this is either the first or the last to explore. Well, we have no complaints that this is our first stop because this really gave us an idea of how amazing El Nido is. With its white beach, clear water plus limestone cliffs, it will really satisfy your every craving for relaxation in an island paradise.

7 Commandos Beach El Nido Palawan

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Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon El Nido Palawan

After spending a few minutes walking on a long stretch of beach, it was time for the Big Lagoon.

The entrance and way towards the Big Lagoon was just surreal and magical. It was like two huge cliffs were parted ways to welcome us. It felt like you are entering a different realm. So beautiful! Look, we’ve got some nice photos. 🙂

Big Lagoon El Nido Palawan

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Shimizu island

Shimizu Island El Nido Tour a Palawan

Off to our next destination, one of the boatmen sat beside me and told me that our next destination is their favorite island. I mean he was saying that it is the tour guides and boatmen’s favorite.  I asked him why. He said, because this is where we’re going to have our lunch.

Oh so it’s going to be my favorite island then. Haha!

It’s Shimizu Island, named after the Japanese scuba diver who died after exploring the underwater tunnels and wasn’t able to get back. Though it has a tragic past, Shimizu is perfect for beach bumming while eating seafood and delectable ensalada, veggies and fruits. We enjoyed it so much!

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan

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Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

We stopped at the end of some huge rocks. I asked, “where are we heading?”

All the tourists are going to one place. We swam and walked on sharp rocks until we reached it. Then I finally realized what we were about to do next. We passed through a hole until we were inside, and witnessed an enclosed lagoon. Wow!

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

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Small Lagoon

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a

This is our last stop. And probably one of the unforgettable adventures in El Nido. We tried some kayaking going to a narrow entrance, and got stoked while inside the Small Lagoon.

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a

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It was just amazing how nature is able to create this breathtaking beauty. El Nido is really special. Again, if you’re looking for an ultimate summer destination in the Philippines, hands down, it’s El Nido!

El Nido Tour A  Tips

  1. Bring your aqua shoes. You need it when you explore the Secret Lagoon, you’re going to swim and walk through some sharp rocks.
  2. Bring your action camera or water-proof cam
  3. Take photos, marvel at the amazing splendor of nature.
  4. Enjoy and interact with your fellow tourists


Where to stay in El Nido?

We stayed at Ocean Vista Inn. One of the best and affordable hotel in El Nido with breathtaking view of the sea! It’s location is just perfect. Less than 5 minutes from the beach and the town. Also in the center or restos and shops.

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Thank you Northern Hope Tours! Our El Nido Tour A was complimentary. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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