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El Nido’s Underwater Madness at Matinloc Island

We were stuck in the middle of the sea.

It took about 30 minutes before our boatmen were able to fix the anchor jammed in between rocks underwater. Then we were off to go to our last destination.

Based on what we know Tour C includes a trip to Matinloc Shrine, but for some reasons our guides said that we will do the snorkeling instead. And we had no complains about it, because snorkeling with fishes and corals was actually better than going to a man-made structure on the island.

The boat stopped at Matinloc Island near the Shrine and we all knew what we were going to do next. So easy. Have your life vest on and then jump. Piece of cake. Haha!

El Nido matinloc island underwater
Excited to swim!
El Nido matinloc island underwater
just keep swimming.

At that time, I wasn’t that worried about Eloi anymore. For about two days of exploring the islands of El Nido, I am happy to know that she was able to overcome her fear. I already shared the story about her fear of being submerged into the sea in one of my  previous post, and I think no need to reiterate. Haha What’s important is she’s okay. It’s just amazing how travel and adventure can push you to the limits and overcome your fear.

So that’s it. Eloi has become comfortable with water again and there’s nothing that can stop us from enjoying the beauty of El Nido underwater.

El Nido matinloc island underwater

El Nido matinloc island underwater
El Nido matinloc island underwater
Ang ganda!
El Nido matinloc island underwater
uy may Butanding. Joke lang! Ako yan. hahaha!

It has always been a nice experience to swim with fishes of different colors and sizes and be surrounded by huge and colorful corals. It serves as a reminder that apart from the world that we all know, there is a world underwater that is filled with life, a beauty that we should not just enjoy but also protect.

El Nido matinloc island underwater

I am so thrilled to share with you our awesome experience so here is our video. This is raw and uncut. As what we always say when I was still working in the media years ago, just rolling video.

As we travel back to EL Nido town, we encountered rain and big waves. Good thing our boat was big enough to endure the weather. Though we were lucky to have a sunny weather the entire time, we couldn’t deny the fact that November is still a rainy season in the Philippines. It was hell of a bumpy ride!

When we arrived at the town, it was just weird that we were welcomed with a good weather, all sunny and nice. Haha!

It was a chance for us to roam around the town again, buy some pasalubong and eat dinner. That capped off the end of our island tours in El Nido. Thinking that it was our last night in EL Nido made me feel like having a hole in my heart, like a feeling of emptiness and sadness.

I don’t know but being in El Nido made me think of an idea that I can actually stay in this town, longer or permanent? I don’t know. But one thing for sure, El Nido has made me work harder on my travel and personal goals. That’s how a place can inspire you to be better and work harder towards what you want in life.



Snorkeling at Matinloc Island was part of our EL Nido tour C. Our tour was a complimentary from Northern Hope Tours. Please check their website for booking and inquiries.

Where did we stay in El Nido?

We stayed at Ocean Vista Inn, a nice hotel located in front of the beach and near the center of everything. Click here to book a room at Ocen Vista Inn!

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