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Fiesta in Masasa: When our transient house owner fed us with good food

They were all busy.

They decorated the house with this nice pink and pastel colors. I saw some girl outfit, gowns and make-up on the sofa. We didn’t know who to talk to. We just arrived at RNV House, the transient house that we contacted a few days before our trip to Masasa beach in Tingloy, Batangas.

When one of the household saw us, she immediately talked to us with her warmth and smile.

“Ay kayo po ba ng guest, ay sige po pasok po. Dito po kayo sa room. Pasensya na po ah fiesta po kasi ngayon. Eh magku-queen po kasi ang anak ni ate Neneth yung may-ari ng bahay. Kayo lang po ang tinanggap namin guest ngayon kasi po fiesta.”

She was too apologetic. I told her that’s okay. There was a parade that morning and they were all preparing for their queen’s gown and make-up. It’s nice to see how the entire household prepare, and how they treated us like we were part of them. Chill lang.

Oh, fiesta.

What a lucky day for me and my girlfriend, Eloi, to be in Tingloy. You know how it looks like to be in a town during fiesta right? There are celebrations at night, everyone is smiling and in a festive mood.

We just prepared for a few minutes, changed clothes and went straight to Masasa beach. RNV is just a walking distance to Masasa.

RNV House Masasa Beach
Welcome to RNV House Transient

We spent the entire morning at the beach. It was nice to see Masasa after all these years. It was a decade ago when we traveled there for a college project. Tingloy was not a tourist destination back then. But, time has changed. Now, due to the advent of social media, Masasa has become a popular destination among travelers.

It was a weekday, so we really enjoyed the beach. It wasn’t crowded. The beach was entirely ours.

Masasa Beach Tingloy Batangas

Masasa Beach Tingloy Batangas

Masasa Beach Tingloy Batangas

Masasa Beach Tingloy Batangas

When we went back at RNV, we met Ate Neneth, the owner, for the first time. She was still busy preparing for the night’s event, her eldest daughter will be crowned as the queen of their barangay. I felt the intense excitement of Ate Neneth. Just like every mother, she was very proud of her daughter.

We slept the entire afternoon. It was too tiring to travel for hours going to the island, then went straight to the beach.

During that night, we joined the rest of the locals in watching the coronation night.

We enjoyed it. It was quite a long time ago since the last time I experienced this. I remember when I was a kid in our province, I used to watch singing contests or basketball game on the night of the fiesta.

It was truly a nice way to get a glimpse of the lives of the locals on the island.

There was some singing and all, but the highlight of the event was the crowning of the queen. I saw Ate Neneth and her daughter on stage during the coronation.

It was a money contest. It wasn’t a pageant. The candidate with the highest fund won the crown. Ate Neneth said in one of our conversations, it was her way of boosting her daughter’s confidence and also to help their barangay to have funds in their future projects.

Fiesta in Masasa Tingloy Batangas
Sorry malabo. Malayo kasi kami. Pero yan yung coronation night hahaha!

After the event, the entire family went back at home feeling energized and it was time for late dinner.

Ate Neneth asked us to join them for dinner, but you know, we were shy hahaha! I know it is a Filipino tradition to ask visitors to join them for food, but still nakakahiya. Hahaha! Although I love food and all, you don’t just go there when asked to, right? There’s still this pakipot stage muna. Hahaha! But seriously, we were shy.

It was  a few more minutes when Ate Neneth’s relatives called our attention, and when we went to the kitchen, we saw this food served to us. Wow!

They had Caldereta, the main dish complete with dessert, my favorite buko pandan with unli-iced tea. At that moment, when faced with food that is served to you, you don’t have a choice but to be thankful and accept. Hahaha!

The food was great. Ate Neneth said that they have one cook that they always hire for every occasion in their family. And I think they picked a good one, the food was delicious.

Fiesta in Masasa Tingloy Batangas
Sarap ng dessert!
Fiesta in Masasa Tingloy Batangas
Naka- UNLI RICE pa kami. Thank you po talaga.

We also had a chance to talk to Ate Neneth that night, about her life in Tingloy. She was happy to know that we went back to Tingloy after many years. Ate Neneth used to call her guests, “anak.” I myself, experienced that through text and during our conversations. Maybe most of her guests are young ones, the millennial travelers. I know it felt so awkward that at my age and size (hahaha!), she would call me anak, but she kept on doing it.

It felt like we were really part of their household for a short period of time. I enjoyed our conversations, of her dreams and aspirations for her kids, and her hopes for Tingloy. It’s always nice to listen to people who are so open at telling their stories. All I could do was just listen and also share our experiences. It was a joy staying at their house.

Well, Tingloy has become a part of our lives, Eloi and I. We were there when we were still students and after a decade we went back together as a couple. Naks!

Tingloy has been giving us so much memories to cherish. And with Ate Neneth’s hospitality and warmth, it’s certain that we’re going back – to Tingloy and to her house.

If you’re traveling to Masasa Beach, Tingloy, I highly recommend RNV House Transient, you know the reason why. 🙂 Below are the details.

RNV House Transient – Facebook Page
Contact: Ate Neneth at 09957003071 / 09494656688
Address: San Juan Tingloy Batangas (Masasa Beach) Batangas

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