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Helicopter Island of El Nido, Palawan

This island has a strange shape.

We were slowly realizing it as we got closer to it. Some said it looks like a whale while others have their guesses. But for me, it looked like a helicopter without a propeller, I knew it because the boatmen told me it’s called Helicopter Island. Haha!

Helicopter Island El Nido Palawan

But this is officially called Dimalucad island, and maybe because of its shape and being popular with foreign tourists, this is also called as Helicopter.

Once we got off the boat and experienced the island for the first time, first thing that crossed my mind was, so all islands in El Nido are like this? I don’t have to mention it through the cliche “fine white sand and beautiful beach” but it is. Seriously.

Helicopter Island El Nido Palawan

El Nido Helicopter Island Pawalan

The fine beach was even more spectacular with towering cliffs and rainforest in the middle of the island.

On one side is this massive cliff that serves as shade for some tourists. It was like a perfect backgroud for any photo. The view was just simply dramatic. So you got a nice beach with crystal clear water, then its splendor was even added by limestones , a perfect combination.

Of course, taking photos was simply a pleasure being in El Nido but it is much better to experience its cool and calming water.

El Nido Helicopter Island Pawalan

El Nido Helicopter Island Pawalan

As we walked to the other side, we saw Mike and Sarah, the Swiss couple that we met on our first day. I don’t know why they were transferred to another boat that day, but it was so nice seeing them again. They said there’s a good snorkeling spot on the other side of the island.

Eloi and I were excited at first. But then I realized that going for a snorkel requires some change of outfit for her, her outfit that she really prepared for in advance. Haha!

So yes, it might be a good idea to skip snorkeling first  and just take photos of her. I was so proud of myself for being a sensitive boyfriend. Haha! No regrets, she looked so happy that day. Besides, our next destinations were secret and hidden beaches that required a lot of swimming. It was a good idea to just slow down and relax on our first stop.

El Nido Helicopter Island Pawalan

El Nido Helicopter Island Pawalan

Helicopter island was something that we badly needed, a place to relax, enjoy nature and forget about the stress of the city.

It was just our first stop in El Nido tour C and we were already satisfied. Imagine a paradise with limestones and forest with clear water. Helicopter Island is a rare beauty, that can only be discovered in El Nido. So what are you waiting for? a paradise is waiting for you here in Palawan.

Note: Helicopter Island is part of the El Nido Tour C. Our tour was a complimentary of Northern Hope Tours. Check their website for booking and inquiries.

Looking for Accomodation in El Nido?

We stayed at Ocean Vista Inn (Book Here) at El Nido town proper. It’s in the center of everything and has a spectacular view of the sea.


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