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Uncovering the Hidden Beach of El Nido

We were about to go to a beach. But I could only see huge limestone rocks and cliffs.

“Hmm.. Where is it?”

Then we settled at the end of those cliffs and saw some boats. We stopped, our guide told us something in Tagalog, “We’re going to swim from here to that way,  then go further to see the hidden beach.”

Oh that’s why it’s called the Hidden Beach, and the distance between our boat and the rocks was quite far! I prepared myself for a long swim. Trusted that my life jacket could lift my heavy butt hahaha! I knew it was going to be a hell of an adventure again!

I looked at those huge limestone rocks with some tourists going to the same route. You know that moment when you are planning your strategy or your move how to get to your destination. Then boom! I realized it wasn’t necessary when our guide said something. “Okay sir you and mam are going to jump. Use your camera sir for the video.”

Okay pinangunahan nya ko! Hahaha! 🙂

But well when you’re in El Nido, you just have to trust and go with it! So we jumped!

I was floating and so as Eloi. Yehey! Our life jackets were working hahaha!

To be honest I was thinking too much because I was actually worried with Eloi. She has this fear of swimming whether its pool or sea. It’s actually about her ears. When she was little she had an infection with her one ear that the medication like ear drops was too painful it bacame a traumatic experience for her. So she developed this fear of getting her head, her ear, underwater.

So when we jumped and swam a bit I looked for her just to check how she was. I couldn’t find her. I panicked, just a bit. Hahaha! Then I saw her rising from snorkeling then she said like a kid, “ang ganda ng mga corals may isda, dali snorkel ka na. Bilis!” Okay, she’s fine. Right? Hahaha!

So there, it was quite a swim going to the way between two huge rocks like an opening to the hidden beach. When we get to some shallow parts, again I realized we were lucky to have our aqua shoes on. The underwater rocks can be painful to your feet and knees so be very careful.

hidden beach El nido palawan
Going there…

hidden beach El nido palawan

hidden beach El nido palawan

hidden beach El nido palawan

The swimming part was really tiring because we were also trying to move againts the waves. But after a few more minutes, when I looked to my left, I saw some people sun bathing, swimming on a white sand beach completely hidden from the outside world.

It was surreal. The place looks like something you only see on movies, like remember The Beach by Leonardo Di Caprio. I read somewhere that real inspiration of the author of that novel that turned into a movie is actually El Nido. Though the movie setting was in Thailand, the author was in El Nido when he wrote the novel. That actually makes a lot sense.

hidden beach El nido palawan

hidden beach El nido palawan

Uncovering the Hidden Beach of El Nido


Hidden Beach of El Nido Palawan

I don’t need to describe the place further. Everywhere I turn all I could see was beauty. It’s hard to describe, just go to El Nido and see it for yourself! We stayed there for a few minutes. Sitting and looking at the entire place was just the best thing to do.. We’ve had enough of swimming just by going there. It was tiring but the exhaustion, it all went away when I saw the hidden beach.

hidden beach El nido palawan

The beach’s charm was different, maybe because the tourists there were mostly foreigners? Not sure. At some point you would ask, Am I really in the Philippines?  Then followed by a sense of feeling proud that our country has this beauty being enjoyed by people from all around the world.


PS:    Hidden Beach is part of El Nido Tour C. Our tour was a complimentary of Northern Hope Tours, check their website for bookings and inquiries.

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