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Infinity Farm: Nature’s Best Kept Secret in Baco, Oriental Mindoro

There were only nine of us inside a long jeepney in a two hour ride going to Baco, Oriental Mindoro from Puerto Galera.

Tourism Officers of the province said, we were about to visit and experience a place they call “Infinity farm.”

Honestly, I thought it was indeed a farm. A plain farm. You know with all the trees and fruits with cows, chickens and goats. Haha!

But little did I know, amidst the brand of the place that is associated to “farming” plus the rough road travel, is a discovery of nature’s best kept secret.

Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro
Going further.


It all started when the driver said, “dito na tayo” (we’re here)

I was expecting a vast land with a plantation of fruits, but I wonder why I was seeing some huge and lush green trees at the foot of a mountain.

Then I heard the relaxing, gush of water from a river. I walked around and saw some people swimming, enjoying. I was thinking oh it was just a usual river that we see from our provinces. But when I looked closely, I was intrigued. Hmm Damn the water was so clear, almost a combination of colors, green and blue.

On the side there were cottages and tables where tourists eat and talk. Following the river upstream, opened up to a perfectly crafted body of nature, that truly delighted my senses.

Wow! I didn’t see that coming. It was really beautiful.

If some of my new friends decided to stay at the cottages for a while, I instantly felt the urge to follow the river up to the mountain.

Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro

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Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro
perfect for familty and friends
Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro
Water is life . 🙂

Infinity Farm Vaco Oriental Mindoro



You know the word,  mesmerized?

That was exactly what happened to me as I experienced the inner part of the forest. The layers of the river resembled some mini-falls with crystal clear water. It was white, so bright white then the body of the river would eventually turn into a bluish color.

It was so unbelievable that I remember asking myself again, How come? this is called Infinity Farm?

Well, the answers did not take that long, when I saw Ms. Sienna May Manongsong from the Provincial Tourism Office and Ma’am Beth Rafols Andal from DOT Region 4 – MIMAROPA. They were walking behind me, also looking happy while taking photos.

They explained that the owner of the land surrounding the river and the area originally planned to put up a farm, where you can find the freshest fruits and vegetables. Actually they never abandoned that idea, they still plan to plant lanzones and other fruits at the upper part of the river, envisioning a time when visitors can just enjoy picking fruits and eat. And that’s the reason why it was named Infinity Farm.

But as more people visit the place and expressed amazement of the river, they eventually put some cottages and tables.

Most of the visitors of the Infinity Farm come from the same province. There’s still a relatively small number of traveler’s from other places like Manila. Maybe because tourists are too focused on Puerto Galera.

Well, after reading this post. Be sure to include Infinity Farm in your bucket list, especially this summer.

Infinity Farm in 20 seconds…


Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro
Cool and relaxing water from the mountains…
Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro
Where our lunch was served.

All of us were hungry at that time, good thing Marco Vincent Resort prepared a sumptuous lunch for all of us, of course, sponsored by Torism Promotions Board (DOT).

It was delicious. But one that really caught my attention was the coleslaw. Yes the one with chopped vegetables. It was creamy and cheesy, perfect combination with grilled fish, liempo and chicken inasal.

Then, it was time for me to finally take a dip into the water. Wow. It was cool and refreshing. And what’s better way to enjoy the swim than having a bottle of beer. Right? (sarap!)

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Infinity Farm Baco Oriental Mindoro
Group Pic! Friends from TBP, DOT and fellow media partners

There are still some improvements to make, especially with the roads going to Inifnity Farm. As for transportation, having your own car or renting a jeep or van is still the best option.Though you need to endure the two hour travel and some occasional rough, dusty roads, cliché as it may sound, once you get there, it’s worth it.

This blog post is an invitation for you to explore Oriental Mindoro beyond Puerto Galera, and visit Infinity Farm.

But remember, by the time this place gets popular, please do not forget to be a responsible traveler. We all have the responsibility to protect this wonder of nature.

Leave no trace but beautiful memories.

Just like what I did, when I put back my empty bottle of beer into the case. Oh what a day. Oh Oriental Mindoro, you really surprised me.


Infinity Farm : How To Get There

Via Puerto Galera

Ride the bus from Manila going to Batangas port. From Batangas, look for the ticketing booth for motorboats going to Puerto Galera.

Again, there is still no standard mode of public transport going to Infinity Farm in Baco from Puerto Galera. So I suggest. Or even the Tourism Office of Oriental Mindoro recommends that you to rent a jeep (or van)  going there. This is also to make sure that you have an alotted vehicle going back to your hotel.

You may inquire to your hotel for rented vehicles going to Infinity Farms. Or you may call the driver of the jeepney that we used going there.

Eric Garcia / Contact: 09068636535

I’m sorry but I don’t have the rates of the jeepney since our trip was sponsored by Tourism Promotions Board (DOT).

If you are the adventurous type, another option is to ride a van/jeepney from Puerto Galera town proper going to Calapan. Drop-off point is the Baco Municipal Hall. There, look for tricycles that you can rent going to Infinity Farm. Again, the way to Infinity Farm is not accessible to public transport. It’s a risk (and adventure) if you’re going to travel through this.

Entrance Fee, Infinity Farm: 100 pesos per head


Via Calapan

When you arrived in Batangas port after riding a bus from Manila (or from your origin), you can either take the RORO for 2 and a half hours or the fastcraft for one hour. In Calapan Port, ride a tricycle going to the market where you can find the jeepneys going to Puerto Galera. Drop-off point is Baco near the municipal hall. Then rent a tricyle going to Infinity Farm.


For more details about Infinity Farm, you may contact the Provincial Tourism Office of Oriental Mindoro with below details.

Address: Provincial Capitol Complex, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, 5200, Philippines

Contact: (043) 286-7046

Email: /

Look for Ms. Sienna May Manongsong


Note: Thank you so much Tourism Promotions Board of the Department of Tourism for inviting me in this fam tour. Rest assured that I will be your partner in promoting our country, The Philippines.


  1. marylyn

    Hi sir I’m planning to spend my bday at puerto with my friends this coming october then balak sana nmn na after mag puerto infinity kami.. ask ko lang po if how much po ung sa cottage? And allowed po ba mag overnight sa infinty farm?

  2. marylyn

    Hi sir I’m planning to spend my bday at puerto with my friends this coming october then balak sana nmn na after mag puerto infinity kami.. ask ko lang po if how much po ung sa cottage? And allowed po ba mag overnight sa infinty farm?

  3. oh wow…. this place reminds me of that Villa Escudero yet in an all new level… This is my first time to hear about the Farm Baco and it is definitely worth visiting.. it would be more ideal if you bring your family or your friends with you! A must experience indeed #bucketlisted

  4. Yay! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to Oriental Mindoro once, about three years ago. And I’m really impressed with the nature and vast golden rice fields, the bodies of water, and the kind and hospitable people. I’ve visited a church there called The Ruins or Simbahang Bato and it’s intriguing as fudge. 😉 This Infinity Farm sounds extraordinary and a relaxing place to visit. I like your writing style, so engaging.

  5. Wow looks like a nice place to just relax and enjoy nature. Too bad I missed this place when i went to Puerto galera two years ago. I will keep this place in mind and hopefully can visit it next time.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love nature and has in fact, lived in Boracay for five years. Infinity Farm, I wish I had heard of this couple of years ago when I drove around the whole Mindoro island for two weeks.

  7. The only thing I knew about Mindoro is Puerto Galera, so it’s really nice that you shared this Jon. I was also expecting to see a “farm” so I was also surprised when I see all that water. I would love to go there for a side trip. Nakikinita ko na eh, I will definitely have fun at Infinity farm.

  8. Next in Line pag nag Puerto Galera! At least, hindi na lang White Beach ang pupunatahan. May falls pa. I remembered another falls when we were there, the Aninuan Falls, next to Tamaraw, I think. Grabe, pang palamig ng drinks ung tubig hahaha!

  9. Paul Feraro

    Para sa mahilig sa natures lover, I highly recommend this place. We have a chance to visit it 2 years ago courtesy of the owner.


    Paul Feraro
    Canadian Tourist


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