Irosin, Sorsogon: A Walk to the Hilltop Church

“One ginataang sitaw with two rice.”

That was my order from a karinderia in Irosin, Sorsogon when we made a stopover for our lunch. After a relaxing dip at the hot spring in town, we decided to have an early lunch before going to our next destination which is Bulusan.

Irosin Sorsogon Hot spring
hot spring in Irosin Sorsogon

This is how I eat whenever I’m traveling. As much as possible I eat at local karinderias not just because it’s cheap but I also want to feel the local vibe of the place. Just look for the right place to eat, and please forget about those fancy restaurants and fastfood for a while.

Irosin Sorsogon DIY guide

Irosin Sorsogon

If you happen to know me personally, you know that I eat fast. Hahaha! Yes, those advice to savor the food and eat slow doesn’t work for me because I’m a patay-gutom hahaha  I don’t feel that I’m getting full nor satisfied whenever I eat slow.

So since I eat fast. You already have an idea of what happened next. I finished my food too early that others haven’t even started eating yet. So I had plenty of time to either wait for them while drinking soda at the karinderia or spend time walking, exploring the place. Of course, I chose the latter.

Irosin Sorsogon DIY guide

I walked and saw some street vendors and children playing. When I turned left to the small park and I saw this stair going up to the hill. With it’s distinct color, it’s impossible for you not to get intrigued.

It was a good exercise going up. They said that it has a total of 74 steps going to the top of the hill, and once you get there, you’d realize that you’re actually going to a church.

A seemingly familiar Patron Saint caught my attention, and upon reading details there, I’ve found out that Irosin has the same patron saint with my province which is Laoang, Northern Samar. This is St. Michael Archangel Irosin Parish Church, the church that is located on top of a hill! Because of this, this is also sometimes called Irosin Hilltop Church.

Irosin Sorsogon DIY guide

On the left side of the church is another smaller stair where the grotto of Virgin Mary is located. The entire place seems so peaceful, just the right ambiance for a place of worship. But the best experience was seeing the view of the entire Irosin and also Mt. Bulusan which is an active volcano.

Irosin Sorsogon DIY guide

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Irosin Sorsogon DIY guide

Two travel buddies also climbed the hill and when they saw me  looking at the mountain, one asked, “Do you want to take some picture?”

Nah, I said.

A few more minutes I saw them taking pictures using their selfie stick with action cam. Then I realized, hmm. It must be cool to have a photo of this place. So I decided to take a selfie, not of the view of the mountain (because it’s against the light) but of the church’s facade.

Irosin Sorsogon DIY guide

After that, it was time to go back to the group and head to our next destination. At first, I thought Irosin’s hot and cold spring will be the only thing that I would enjoy from the town, but it turned out that it’s hilltop church and the entire place itself made my lunch and my usual strolling very memorable.


How to get to Irosin Sorsogon

DIY – Many bus companies that has trips to Matnog or Bulan will pass by Irosin. Elavil Bus has direct trips to Irosin.

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Irosin, Sorsogon Map


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