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Kabigan Falls of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte


For a time when I was still a newbie traveler, I thought that going to the waterfalls is just an easy walk, unlike climbing mountains.

Then I traveled to Ifugao, and hiked Tappiyah Falls. It was a grueling trek, yet one of the most memorable for me. At that time I realized, that the trail going to waterfalls is not always a walk in the park. Haha!

But where did I get this (stupid) idea in the first place?

I looked back years ago, when I joined some friends to explore Ilocos Norte. We visited a waterfalls in Pagudpud. Yes, Pagudpud is more than just its beautiful beaches. There’s a waterfalls in Pagudpud, and it’s named Kabigan Falls.

It was just a 30 minute walk from the jump-off. It was so easy I couldn’t consider it a hike. Haha! Thinking about it now, that’s where I got the idea!

Our guide told us that Kabigan comes from the Tagalog word “kaibigan” which obviously means a friend. He explained that their elders used to share them stories that the falls and the river are “magkaibigan” which later became the name of the waterfalls.

Kabigan Falls is located in Barangay Baloi in Pagudpud, about 1.8 kms from the main road. After paying an entrance fee of 20 pesos and guide fee (100 pesos), we then started the walk. Although the trail can be considered as easy, a guide is still necessary to ensure that you’re all passing through the right trail.

One thing for sure, you will enjoy it because of the beautiful sceneries going to the waterfalls like some rice fields, streams and hilly terrain.

kabigan falls pagudpud ilocos norte
Credit: Handtell / Creative Commons

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kabigan falls pagudpud ilocos norteAfter a quick walk, we finally arrived and witnessed Kabigan Fals. It’s tall about 120 feet. We weren’t able to swim because we still have to explore some parts of the province. But we knew that the water was cool and relaxing, by just wading into it.

The best about Kabigan Falls is the rich nature surrounding its beauty. You could hear the chirping birds and the calming splash of water. Still something to enjoy while away from the city.

kabigan falls pagudpud ilocos norte

Verdict for my Kabigan Falls experience?

I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the usual exhausting hikes that I do now. LOL! But it was still something to cherish. I appreciated the chill walk with stunning views.

Pagudpud is coined as the Boracay of the north because of its beautiful beaches. But hey, this town is more than its beaches! Its forest is rich and worthy to explore. Once you get to enjoy the beach, you better do a sidetrip to Kabigan Falls.


Kabigan Falls – How to get there?

Kabigan Falls was part of the Ilocos tour our group availed in Manila. So for us going there was just an easy ride with a Toyota Hi-Ace with videoke. Yes, our van has videoke. Haha!

For those who what to do it DIY, there are buses in Manila like Partas, Victory Liner and Florida to take you to Pagudpud. In Pagudpud, there are tricycle drivers that offer tours to Kabigan Falls. Just negotiate.


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