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Knickerbocker of Zamboanga City!

We toured Zamboanga city the whole day. Yes, we were tired but still excited for our dinner, especially me!

After staying in our hotel for a few minutes to freshen up (naks!), we headed to one of the city’s popular restaurant, the Palmeras Restaurant which offers wide array of Filipino dishes.

Food was served, one dish after another. If you were as hungry like us, you would expect us to feast on the food immediately. But you’re wrong, we are bloggers remember? So we still took some photos, lots of them before anyone could touch the food. Hahaha!

For me, I simply snapped a photo and then that’s it. But you don’t have any idea how my fellow bloggers took some shots. There was lighting, proper plating. Just like in a studio photoshoot.

The food was great. I enjoyed all the Filipino food served. I was very full because I ate a lot of rice! But the feast hasn’t ended yet, because the star of the dinner was yet to serve.

A few minutes later, those waiters arrive with huge glasses which were pink in color. It was actually the strawberry ice cream on top of freshly cut fruits. It is the famous dessert of Zamboanga, the huge serving and flavorful (drum rolls!) the Knickerbocker!

We surrounded the tray of more than 20 knickerbockers for, of course, photos!

Knickerbocker of Zamboanga

Then each of us was given a glass of it. I particularly like the fruits, it was crunchy and fresh. And it compliments well with the ice cream.

A lot are saying that this is the local version of halo-halo. Hmm… Maybe there is some similarities, but there is a bit of difference also because knickerbocker has fresh fruits! It’s a better and healthier option for those with sweet tooth.

Curious what are those fruits inside a glass of knickerbocker? It’s freshly cut mix of apple, banana, mango plus watermelon! I know, it’s so refreshing! Then added with milk and a delightful scoop of strawberry ice cream. The fruits are crisp and very sweet overall. This might not be a good for those with high blood sugar, but hey its not every day that you go to Zamboanga so better try this! If you can’t consume all, just taste it.

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Knickerbocker of Zamboanga

I ate it all. Yes, my knickerbocker!

It was my first time to get a taste of it and I was satisfied. It was so good, we got curious about it that we asked too much about knickerbocker from the organizers of our tour which are from Zamboanga. Well, according to them, they are also not sure of how knickerbocker started, I mean the history and story behind it. All we know is this dessert is popularized by Palmeras and spread across the city. With the advent of blogs and social media, knickerbocker has become popular not just in Zamboanga but also all over the country.

Planning to travel to Zamboanga soon? Oh my you have a lot of food that you must try. Look for Curacha and Satti, and if you crave for dessert, there’s knickerbocker!

Note: Thank you Department of Tourism Region 9 for inviting me to experience Zamboanga. I really enjoyed it!


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