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Ligñon Hill in Legazpi, Albay – A Better View of Mayon Volcano


We’ve been to Daraga Church, and we experienced the spectacular view of Mayon Volcano.

But sadly, we couldn’t get enough. Haha! Once you get to Albay or Bicol Region, seeing the beauty of Mayon is a must. And once you’ve witnessed it, you’ll surely want some more.

So we traveled for a few minutes to a place where the view of Mayon is bigger and better. I’m talking about Ligñon Hill Nature Park in Legazpi.  And we were not just treated by  Mayon’s splendor, we also enjoyed the panoramic view of Legazpi, Daraga and the Albay Gulf!

Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol

Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol

For many years, Lignon Hill served as a PHIVOLCS observatory to monitor the volcanic activity of Mayon. But since it has been reconstructed, rebranded for tourism, Lignon Hill has become one of the top destinations for travelers in Legazpi, Albay.

The moment we parked and got out of the van, the stunning view of Mayon Volcano welcomed us. It is definitely much better from the view from Daraga Church. In Lignon Hill, it felt that Mayon is closer that you could almost touch it.

Lignon Hill Nature Park is perfect for every type of traveler. For sightseer, you can just sit back and relax to the seats while looking at Mayon Volcano. You can also buy some drinks there, then sit like a boss while sipping your morning coffee or juice.

But for us, no need for those sit like a boss moments. Photos are enough! Haha!

Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol
Pictorial Hahaha!
Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol
Love Team of the Day Haha Juho and Michelle. Photo Credit: Nhel Montuya
Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol
That’s Ken. Mahilig tumalikod LOL! Credit: Nhel Montuya
Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol
Yan si Madam. Madam Wella  🙂  Credit: Nhel Montuya

For the adventurous types, Lignon Hill also offers some exciting activities like a 320-meter zipline! You can also try some extreme sports like rapelling, paintball and hiking. Below are the rates for these activities and also the operating hours.

Operating Hours / Rate of Lignon Hill Natural Park: 8AM to 10PM
For joggers, 5AM to 9AM (free of charge)

Entrance Fee: Php 20
Zipline Rates (Off season): Basic is Php 250 / Advanced Php 350
Zipline Rates (Peak season): Basic is Php 300 / Advanced Php 400
All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Rides Rates: P1,800 for a 150cc ATV or P2,500 for a 500cc ATV
Paintball Rates: P350 for 50 Paint balls or P500 for 100 Paint balls
Rappelling -Off Season Rate: P200 / Peak Season Rate: P250


Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol

Ligñon Hill Nature Park Legazpi Albay Bicol

When I was a kid, I was always amazed seeing Mayon Volcano from the bus when we travel back to our province in Northern Samar.

Now Mayon Volcano, has become so close. Witnessing its grandeur from Lignon Hill brought back the excitement, the kid in me. You know experiences that only travel could bring.


How to Get to Ligñon Hill Nature Park

Bus companies like DLTB etc have direct travel to Legazpi Albay. Once you’re in Legazpi, ride the Legazpi-Daraga loop 1 jeepney to take you directly at the foot of the hill.

From Daraga: Take a tricycle from to Tagas and ask the drive to drop you off at the tennis court. It’s just a quick hike to the Lignon Hill.

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