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Little Boracay of Jomalig Island, Quezon

 Habal-habal ride in Jomalig in Quezon province  is one of the most adventurous activities you could try when you travel to the island.

After visiting Kanaway island, we headed straight to our next destination. Dante, my habal-habal driver, said that we would surely enjoy our next stop. It’s a white beach, so white that it was coined as the Little Boracay of Jomalig.

When we arrived, we paid 30 pesos as entrance fee. The beach is being managed by Pamana Beach Resort. Just a small amount for the beauty that is waiting for you. It’s white beach, not the usual golden sand that is very popular in Jomalig.

We walked on the fine sand, enjoyed the sea breeze while relaxing on hammock. The kind of vacation that will take away all your stress and worries. The view was just perfect.

jomalig Little Boracay
Chill lang…
little boracay jomalig
Little Boracay of Jomalig
Our best photos in Jomalig are from the Little Boracay. Eloi, my girlfriend, loved posing while sitting on the sand under the coconut trees. It was a perfect photo shoot moment. I don’t own a high end camera but the result was just stunning. 

Then after that, she then asked me to pose for the camera. And who am I to resist? Hahaha!
Jomalig Island Little Boracay
Naliligaw pow ako. hahaha!
Little Boracay Jomalig
wow. just wow. 
We then realized that we don’t have photos together. Asking someone to take our photo was not a good idea since we were the only people there. Our habal-habal drivers were waiting for us from the drop off point.
So we took a selfie!
Jomalig Island Little boracay
Selfie naman. hehe

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We spent more minutes relaxing on the hammock.  (Read: Camping Hammock Buyer’s Guide )

This is the moment that I always treasure, when it’s just me and Eloi doing what we love best which is traveling. Jomalig is very special for both of us. This is the place where we truly enjoyed the beauty of nature and cherished our moments together.
We walked further until we decided to go back.

We then saw our habal habal drivers. I asked where to buy some water or softdrinks, I had really dry throat because of the summer heat.

Dante said that we can have our softdrinks on our next stop.

We then both hopped on our motorbikes. The engine accelerated and we were on to our journey passing through trees and beautiful landscape of Jomalig. It was truly a wonderful experience.


Note: Little Boracay is part of the Habal-habal tour in Jomalig Island worth Php 600 per person.

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