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Muelle Port and Varadero Bay: Your Much Needed Relaxation in Puerto Galera

Is this going to be my life forever?

I’ve asked myself this question a hundred times every morning whenever I endure traffic and inconvenience on my way to work, and I know you experience that too.

But this is something we don’t have control over.

This is something that we have to face, and try to be positive about. You need to pay the bills, you need to work so you have no choice but to deal with it. Unless, you find a way to get out of this rat race.

No wonder almost all commuters are sleepy every morning. They didn’t have enough sleep last night. So what happened the other day? Well, they just went to work early morning and they arrived home late at night. Overtime. Hours and hours are also wasted in traffic. And this is a routine, every day. Sad.

So what are you going to do? Buy a car? It’s not that easy. Rent a house near your work? Put up a business and be your own boss? That usually takes time. But at least you know you have to do something.

Unless the government will miraculously solve the traffic, or if your employer would lend a hand to at least alleviate their employees’ suffering. Not sure how. Haha!

If not, you really have to face it.

And while I do my best to cope up with the everyday stress in the city, I’ve found a way to relax, unplug and de-stress, and that is to travel as much as I can.

One of the most popular destinations near Manila is Puerto Galera, the home of white beach, stunning sceneries and beach parties. Yes beach parties. At my age, I don’t understand parties anymore. Haha! With all the stress in the city, you should have gone to a peaceful beauty of nature instead of these beach parties right? Okay I know this might be a sign of aging. Haha!

So let’s just leave the beach parties to the younger (pabebe) ones. And for us, I need peace and tranquillity in a beach with the one I love. Naks. And believe it or not, you can find this in Puerto Galera in the island of Mindoro. You can find it at Varadero Bay.

By the time my girlfriend, Eloi, and I needed some relaxation and be away from the city, Varadero Bay was one of the destinations I had in mind.

Muelle Bay Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

Muelle Bay Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro


The Way to Varadero Bay

Early morning at Jam Transit in Buendia, we rode a bus going to Batangas port (Php 170 each). It was only about 2 hours of travel when we finally arrived at the port and went straight to the ticket booths.

Look for the booth that says Muelle Port and pay for the ticket (Php 250). We waited for about 30 minutes inside the passenger’s area when it was announced that our motorboat was ready to accept passengers.

It was quite a bumpy ride going to Oriental Mindoro but manageable. The boat first unloaded some passengers at the famous White Beach of Puerto Galera before it proceeded to the Muelle Port.

We paid for the environmental fee and hailed a tricycle to bring us to our resort.

Both of us had no proper sleep that time so we just rested for a while before we finally enjoy the beach.

The beach of Varadero Bay is really different from the crowded and noisy white beach. There, all you could hear are your laughter and some kids playing.

We swam and enjoyed each other’s company until afternoon. This is the kind of travel that I want now that I am older (and smarter). In a world where distraction is everywhere,it is important that we disconnect once in a while and enjoy the present, the moment shared with someone you love. Naks!

Muelle Bay Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

Muelle Bay Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro
The next morning we had a sumptuous breakfast overlooking the beautiful bay.

It was the vacation we both needed. We need to face the realities of life, that no matter how we despise stress, distraction, traffic and pollution, it’s part of our lives.

So it is important that we push the reset button once in a while.

And if you’re looking for a quiet calm place near Manila, Varadero Bay of Puerto Galera is the answer for your much needed relaxation.



Beach Resorts and Accommodation in Varadero Bay, Puerto Galera

We stayed at Encenada Beach Resort but we had a horrific experience there. Good thing the beach was so peaceful and beautiful to compensate for the stress. So we are not recommending the resort. Try these beach resorts instead near the area.


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