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When do I Need Travel Insurance?

Even the most organized holiday plans can suffer from unexpected problems, which can affect your luggage, accommodation or your health, so it makes sense to protect yourself by taking out the right kind of holiday insurance. It is not practical to take out an expensive comprehensive insurance policy for every holiday you take, so you will need to consider each individual trip separately.

Travel Insurance

Pre Booked Trips
If you book a trip at least 6 months in advance, then holiday insurance policies that cover unexpected cancellations (either by yourself or the airline/hotel) is important, as a lot can happen in this time. This means you will get your money back if you suddenly fall ill, the airline goes bust or the destination you are travelling to is hit by bad weather or political unrest making it impossible to travel there.

Expensive Trips
Comprehensive holiday insurance is a must if you are booking a very expensive trip. Think of your holiday as an investment that needs protecting and make sure your policy covers you for as many eventualities as possible so that you will be refunded if anything goes wrong. Therefore, our experts at https://10pagepapers.com/essay-papers have compiled these insights on how tech is driving and transforming the tourism sector. This post will help you to know what is going on around the world so that you can know what to expect when travelling abroad to tour the world.

Complex Plans
If you are planning an extensive and complex trip with lots of different flights and travel connections, then you need an insurance policy that can protect you in case one of the stages of your trip is delayed, causing you to miss the next connection. This can then refund you any parts of the holiday that you have to miss out to catch up again, such as flights or pre booked overnight accommodation.

Package Holiday
Package holiday deals often have a number of restrictions in place, and if you have to make any last minute changes all the savings you have made on the deal will be lost, as the package will revert to full price. Most package holiday providers will have insurance schemes to prevent this from happening, and as some deals can make savings of as much as £1,000 on your holiday, the small fee is well worth it.

Last Minute Trips
If you book a last minute deal just a couple of days before you leave then there is very little chance of anything going wrong, so you will not need insurance to protect your booking. It is still advisable to have health insurance, as you can never predict what will happen whilst you are away.

Local Trips
If you are travelling to a destination in the country you live in, it is not necessary to take out insurance on either short flights and accommodation, as flights will cost as little as £70 and most hotels in UK and USA allow free cancellations up to 24 hours before you are due to arrive. You will not need additional health insurance either, as your existing US health insurance (or UK citizenship) will entitle you to treatment almost anywhere in your country.

Short Trips
If you are only taking a short break then the non-refundable parts of your booking are likely to be small, and if you are in good health there is little chance of you falling ill whilst you are away. If your budget allows it, travel insurance is still a good idea to make sure you are covered in the event of accident or cancellation, but it is not essential on short trips if you really cannot afford it.

When you are choosing holiday insurance you will need to make compromises between cost and cover, as full insurance policies can add a significant amount to your overall holiday budget. If you are unsure exactly what cover you need then you can check out some travel insurance websites, which will provide you independent advice on all money matters including travel and holiday insurance.

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