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Paguriran Island and Lagoon: The Hidden Charm of Sorsogon

Girls were giggling when we passed by.

Oh man how I wish I was the object of their admiration. Haha! But being a fat man who travels I’m sure I don’t even get a passing grade with the society’s standard of hotness. Haha! But don’t get me wrong, I’m happy. I’m happy even if my girlfriend is the only girl in the world who finds me hot and adorable. Haha!

Enough of my story.

Girls were smiling, looking at the dude I was with while walking towards an island which is just a walking distance from the beach. His name is Juho (pronounced as Yu-ho), a Finnish backpacker whom we met in the 3 day trip to Bicol. He was with his Filipino friends when they joined the travel which happened to be the same group I joined.

‘’You’re a rock star here.” I told him.

He said, “Still getting used to it.” Then he told me the story when a family at a Hot Spring in Iroson, Sorsogon invited him for lunch and drinking sessions. Some even took some selfies with him. Yeah, I know that story. We were all relaxing at the hot spring when he suddenly disappeared. And when we looked for him, we saw him at the other cottage having fun with a group of Bicolanos as if he was their long lost family member. Hahaha!

Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
The Beach of Bacon, Sorsogon, where we started walking going to Paguriran Island

It was quite a walk from the beach going to this island, so we talked more about the Philippines and also his country, Finland. He is just happy and surprised that Filipinos can be very warm and approachable and treat one another as family. Quite different from what they do in Finland. He said Finnish seldom talk to strangers. That’s what he told me.

Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
Going to Paguriran Island

It’s nice that he is experiencing the Filipino culture. And as for us Filipinos in the trip, it was also a breath of fresh air to have a foreigner like him on the trip. Though it was a bit “nose bleed” Hahaha! that we speak English most of the time. The conversations that we had also gave us some different perspective.

After the walk, we finally arrived. Behind this huge rocks that we see from afar is a lagoon tucked inside the  green sceneries.  I didn’t expect to see this beauty of nature hidden in this rugged rocks.

So this is Paguriran Island in Bacon, Sorsogon.

Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
The Lagoon.

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Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
where the waves are coming in…
Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
That’s Ken and Juho

Located in Barangay Sawanga in Bacon District, Sorsogon City. At first I thought that this is a town where we could find a lot these mouth-watering breakfast dish that we all love. Hahaha! Or where the Bacon Festival is held. Haha! A good idea right?

But it turned out that Bacon comes from the word Bacong,a  kind of plant that grows abundantly in the town’s shores. Over the years, Bacong turned into Bacon. You know how names and language evolve. After this research, I was a bit sad that this has nothing to do with Bacon, the food. Insert sad face. Haha!

But still, you’ve got nothing to worry because you can still enjoy the town with its beaches and of course the Paguriran Island which is just a 100 meter walk from the beach. That afternoon, the water was still shallow so we were able to walk towards the islet.

The lagoon inside the rocky island was a sight to behold. Surrounded by rocks, the clear water was even more dramatic with the waves breaking through the rocks then into the lagoon.

In the middle is a huge rock where we saw Glen and Ken chilling. We were actually 10 in the group. The water was just chest deep so I was able to swim and even tried some floating. As I swam and enjoyed the place, I was telling myself. “yeah, this is how to spend your long weeknend.”

Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
Glenn, Ken and Juho

To get a better view of the place, I decided to hike the highest part of the rocks. Just a reminder, the rocks here are sharp so be careful. And also make sure that you’re wearing your sturdy sandals when you climb.

Armed with my hiking skills, I lifted my heavy ass up to the top. There, I saw Harold and Glenn 2 (we have two  Glenn in the group)  taking a selfie  using their Go Pro. After a few minutes they decided to go down and swim, so I got the place all by myself.

Wow! The aerial view of the islet with the long stretch of beach was just breathtaking. Look!

Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon

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Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon

I took pictures of every angle of the entire place until I decided to enjoy again its blue waters.

There, the entire gang is complete. All 10 of us were able to enjoy, swim, chitchat for a while and take a lot of photos. Our friend Juho couldn’t contain his disbelief at how crazy Filipinos are with pictures. We just told him, “just follow okay? After this you’re gonna love pictures. You’re gonna be a Pinoy after this trip.” Hahaha! Thanks to my buddy, Nhel, for our group shots below. 🙂

Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
Picture Picture! Credit: Nhel Montuya
Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
Wacky! Photo Credit: Nhel Montuya
Paguriran Island Lagoon Bacon Sorsogon
Naks Floating. hehe Photo Credit: Nhel Montuya

It was already late afternoon when we decided to go back to the beach. Who would have thought that there is this beauty of nature in Sorsogon? During the past two days, we explored islands, beaches, some churches and hot spring. When I set me foot in Paguriran, I have very little expectations because I thought I’ve seen enough. Sorsogon is definitely a beauty that you all must witness..

And together with these amazing new friends I met in this trip, I realized that yes, my decision to spend my long weekend vacation in Bicol is truly worth it.


Note: Paguriran Island is just one of the many places we explored during our long weekend trip in Sorsogon and Albay  last August 27- 29. I joined Your Travel Buddies group by Michelle and MJ. Thanks for this wonderful experience guys. Naks!


Paguriran Island – How to get there?

Bus companies like Penafrancia and Isarog Lines have daily trips bound to Sorsogon City.  Once you get to Sorsogon, look for the jeepney terminal going to Barangay Sawanga, Bacon. Drop off point is the long beach where Paguriran Island is located.


Paguriran Island Map

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