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Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay: An Escape from the City’s Chaos

That week was epic.

That could be the worst and most stressful time at the office for me so far. Ridiculous workload. Unbelievable.

So obviously I was stressed. Obviously, I needed a break from all of these! Good thing there’s an invite from Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay for a staycation.

It was Saturday, yet I was at the office. Yes, imagine this. It was the most stressful week for you at work, and then you have a Saturday duty. Haha! So right after office, I went straight to the hotel. It was already about 8PM. When I arrived, I went straight to the gazebo where our dinner was served. Perfect timing right? Haha

Aside from the food, I immediately noticed that Selah is different from your usual hotel experience. It’s edgy and environment-friendly. I was stunned when I first saw what’s inside. So there is really a place like this? In the middle of the chaotic Pasay City? There’s a garden enclosed by the hotel’s structure.

By the time Mr. Mario Almeida, the General Manager and Ms. Che Tolosa, the Sales and Marketing Director, shook my hand as a sign of their warm welcome. I remember telling myself, “I’m gonna enjoy this hotel.”

And I did. We had a great dinner.

Food Pasay Hotel Selah Garden Hotel
Photo Credit: Aldrick of

Pasay Hotel Selah Garden Hotel

It was so great that the dinner was extended into a mini drinking session with blogger friends and the hotel’s top executives.

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay City


Rooms and Accommodation

Time to sleep.

And we were assigned to experience Selah’s Flagship Room that can accommodate up to 2 to 3 persons. This is around 3,650 Php (73 USD) per night. My roommate was Jerny of the travel blog, the Jerny. 

The room was spotless clean as well as the wash room. I had a good night sleep probably beacause of the Air- con. I was so relaxed that Jerny complained about my snoring the following day. Haha

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

But wait, there’s more. Aside from the flagship room, Selah also offers other room accommodation suited for your needs whether for solo, couple and group accommodation.

They have this Cozy Rooms, Fabulous Suite, Fantastic and Fabulous Loft. For prices, check their website or you may book through Agoda. I highly recommend Agoda for giving the best prices and discounts.

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

We are not yet through. Haha!

Can you believe it? Selah Hotel with its luxurious vibe and design also accommodates backpackers with their Bunk and Clique Rooms! This is also perfect barkada or group accommodation. So if your team at work or group of friends is looking for an awesome staycation, these rooms are perfect for you!

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah has top-notch facilities like the Infinity pool, in-house restaurant and Spa!

But they have risen up to a higher level by having these tree-top adventure facilities like wall climbing, zipline, free fall and other adventure courses. This is ideal for team buildings and family outing.

I wasn’t able to try these because I arrived at the hotel at about 8pm right? Because I had work, on a weekend. That’s nice right? Haha

But the gang truly enjoyed it. My fellow bloggers namely Marge (Coffeehan), Jerny (The Jerny), Cathy (EscapesandDiaries), Pancake (TravelHistoryCulture) and Aldrick (Turista Boy) had a great time! Look at their photos.

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel


The Next Morning

Selah welcomed us with a breakfast buffet with array of meal choices. For me who loves breakfast meals, I truly enjoyed it. Yum yum! The tocino, sausages with garlic rice and my coffee? Perfect morning for me.

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Scuba Diving Lesson!

After a satisfying breakfast, we had enough freetime at the lounge area by the pool to just relax and sip our coffee. Just enough time to prepare for Selah’s next activity for us, the Try Diving Course!

Selah’s infinity pool has a portion that is 10 feet deep for diving lessons.

Dive Raid Philippines took care of our diving lessons. It all started with a briefing led by dive instructors Chris and Eric. They were able explain in the simplest form the basic diving lessons that we need to know before trying it out in the pool. They’re exceptional at what they do.

And I was amazed with Chris and Eric’s patience for us by the time we hit the pool. They taught us how to remove water once it enters your mask while divingand how to equalize once you feel the pressure in your ears and head. And lot more things.

Marge, Jerny and me were the first batch. Our instructor was Chris. It was my first time to breathe underwater and I had a great time. haha!

Scuba Diving Lesson Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Scube Diving Lesson Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotel

Scuba Diving Lesson Selah Garden Hotel Pasay City
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle???

The Try Diving course is 2,700 Php per session. And I can say that after that  you’ll have the needed lesson to be able to dive in Anilao? still with an instructor of course.. This diving course is a worthy experience and will ignite the scuba diver in you.


Final Words

Selah Garden Hotel Pasay Hotels

Let’s be honest here. When we here something about Pasay City, we always think that it’s chaotic and haggard. Haha

Though the city has become better because of MOA and other establishments, still for some it remains haggard. And I agree. I work there. Haha!  But deep in the jungle of a crowded city is an escape perfect to take away all your stress and worry. Personally, that’s what Selah Garden Hotel gave me. 

I’ve been exhausted this past weeks, but the hotel’s amenities and environment-friendly vibe gave me what I needed the most. And I genuinely wanted you to experience it also. For stressed corporate workers out there, family and friends, there is an oasis in Pasay for you to relax and rejuvenate.

Selah Garden Hotel
2715 Park Ave. San Rafael,
Pasay City
Telephone nos: +632 511-1331/+639 508-9141


Disclosure: Thank you Selah Garden Hotel for the warmth and hospitality. My stay at this hotel was complimentary. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Photo Credit: Thank you Aldrick Agpaoa of Turista Boy for the beautiful photos

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  1. what a cool hotel! i love infinity pools, buffet breakfast and a fancy meal at night so perfect for me! also i noticed that bunk beds have solid ladders so no problem if i have to sleep up (some ladders are difficult to climb) ha haa. Keeping the address just in case

  2. Super saya! Para na din tayong nag-outing eh no? I love Selah, and I love my friend Che. She is very nice no?

    Sayang you weren’t able to join the tree-top adventure. It was tons of fun! Seriously, people should know more about Selah. If they learn about this oasis in Pasay City, for sure di na sila lalayo just to relax.

    1. Jon Espina Author

      Yes, it was a lot of fun! at napaka bait ni Ms Che, daling kapalagayan ng loob, makwento rin sya hehe

      Sayang nga eh di ako nakapag tree top adventure (busy kasi sa work LOL). At totoo yan kailangan talaga malaman ng mga tao na may ganitong hotel sa Pasay. Dami na nga friends and readers na nagtatanong sakin about Selah. 😉 Kailangan din nilang ma try ang Selah


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