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Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud: Connecting Ilocos Norte and Cagayan Valley

“Patapat, what?”

“Patapat Viaduct.” Our guide answered.

“Ohh…”All of us in chorus.

Shame on me. I didn’t have any idea about Patapat Viaduct that time.

Pardon me. This incident happened years ago when I traveled to Ilocos Norte with some friends. The time when I didn’t have any clue that I was about to become an avid traveler and a blogger. Destiny can really be unpredictable.

Don’t worry. I’ve made a huge improvement over the years. If before, I was like a normal dude, having no idea of any travel destinations in my own country. Now, I breathe travel. Hahaha! I’m so sick and crazy that I’m well-read even of the places I’ve never been to. I usually assure myself to relax. I’ll get there soon.

The moment we stepped out of the van, we were all pleased with what we saw. I kind’a have an idea of what a viaduct looks like. An elevated bridge usually located on valleys. But Patapat is different. It is a coastal bridge elevated for about 31 meters above sea level. It has a beautiful view of the sea and by finding a good spot, you can have a perfect view of the entire length of the bridge.

Patapat Viaduct Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

Patapat Viaduct History

Patapat Viaduct is located in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. This is considered as the 4th longest bridge in the country with a total of 1.3 kilometers in length that connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag, Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley Region.

It was completed on October 1986 and has since become an important structure for motorists and travelers in the northernmost tip of Luzon.

Patapat Viaduct Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
Credit: Perry A. Dominguez / Creative Commons
Patapat Viaduct Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
Mavie is busy. 🙂

Well, more than the value it provides to people. Patapat Viaduct is a perfect spot for any groufie or photo op. Since that time, there was just a little number of motorists that pass through the bridge, we were able to walk and explore it further.

Patapat Viaduct Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
Thanks for the photo Alchie Alcabasa

Looking back and writing about my Patapat experience and the entire Ilocos Norte escapade, I’ve realized how much I’ve grown.

I was just a normal dude that time. Focused on work and perceived travel as a leisure that is close to impossibility for employees.

I remember, I was even answering my work phone, talking to clients while I was there. Haha! I was exploring Ilocos Norte with worry that a client might call with a huge problem I needed to resolve. And it did happen. Haha! I was traveling, exploring but I wasn’t really there.

Imagine If I’m gonna go back to Patapat Viaduct now. It will be so much fun! Now, that I know for sure the importance of balance in life, and that travel is possible for everyone. Yes, for everyone, including you.



Via Tours

Our travel to Patapat Viaduct and Ilocos Norte was through a travel agency that our friends and I hired. Now there are a lot tours and events going to Ilocos Norte that you can choose from. Just check online!


Via Bus

There are a lot of bus companies like Partas, Philippine Rabbit  and Dominion Bus that offer daily trips to Pagudpud.


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