Port Dickson: Malaysia’s beach destination near the city

Malaysia is one of the major tourist destinations in Asia, and its most popular attraction is its capital city of Kuala Lumphur or KL. But most of the time, exploring the city can also be stressful with all the traffic, so you sometimes feel the need for a beach experience.

Well, you don’t need to worry, because just one hour of travel time from KL is a beach destination. I’m talking about the coastal town of Port Dickson, a popular spot for locals and travelers alike who want to spend some weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Aside from its beaches, Port Dickson still has a lot more to offer. If you are planning to travel to Port Dickson, here is the perfect Travel Guide for you!

But if you want to know some more travel spots in the town, here are just 6 things to do and visit in Port Dickson.


Ostrich Farm!

Ostrich Farm port Dickson

This is perfect for family or a group of friends who simply want to have a great time, bond and interact with animals. Yes, interact with nature, this is the primary goal of the farm as you can actually buy some food and feed the animals. This is exciting especially for kids!

Ostrich is a warm creature and lovely to look at! They’re so big that you might as well be careful with its huge beaks! If ever your kids might be scared with ostrich because of its size, there are still a lot of animals in the farm to enjoy like rabbits, donkeys, horses and a lot more. The ostrich farm is located at the South of Port Dickson.


Chinese Temples

This is not the usual huge temples that you see from the rest of Asian countries, but these temples in Port Dickson is enough to delight your sight and senses because of its intricate design and decoration. It is also nice to know that Chinese culture also exist in the town. The most popular attraction aside from the temples are the turtles that live inside the premises. It is believed that these creatures bring luck so many locals visit the place. This is a great addition to your itinerary to explore Port Dickson.


The Beaches

Port Dickson Malaysia

Obviously, this the biggest attraction of Port Dickson are the relaxing beaches. You can just sit on the sand with picturesque beach, and relax. This is what you needed the most right? Enough rest from the busy life in the city.

Now, there are awesome beach front resorts that you can choose. Staying there are recommended if you truly wanted to just spend more time at the beach.


Military Museum

If you’re the type of person who likes to visit museums and to know more about the history of a place, this is perfect for you.But the history in this museum is more focused on the Malaysian military, but still a good addition to your knowledge right?

One of biggest attractions here are the old armored cars and helicopters. The kids and the kids at heart will definitely love these!


3D Art Gallery

This place is filled with more then fifty 3D galleries of paintings and murals. Taking pictures with these will make you feel you’re also part of the action! This is indoor and air-conditioned so this place can make you feel cool and relaxed if you’ve been touring the town for hours.


Sidetrip to nearby places in Malaysia

Port Dickson is just an hour away from other spots in Malaysia like Melaka which is also rich in nature. If you still have much time to spend in Port Dickson, maybe spending a sidetrip to other places can also be rewarding.

There you have it. These are just some of the places to visit at Port Dickson. If you want more info, check out this awesome Port Dickson Travel guide.