The Higher Purpose of Corporate Workers

Every morning, you prepare everything for work.

You also planned to go home early and rest, but you always find yourself arriving at your doorsteps late (at night.) 🙁

This has been your routine for years, and the cycle goes on and on.

You have learned to just go with it, just like what everybody else is doing. Just like what the society keeps on telling you.

But then again, after years of doing the same thing over and over again, you woke up one day and felt something weird, something different.

Out of nowhere, you just feel that there must be something… something better and bigger than what life has in store for you. You couldn’t figure it out, but you just knew there is something.

Life Meaning

When that happens to you, pay attention. But sadly, most of us just choose to ignore.

But after a few more years, the simple question in your mind has grown immensely… even came to a point when you started to feel like there’s a sinking hole in your stomach. It’s so vivid, so powerful but couldn’t figure out where it is coming from.

When you’ve finally paid attention, you realized that it was yourself , your soul telling you you’ve got a bigger purpose in life… other than your usual job.

It is telling you that your life has more meaning than being a cashier, a waiter or even being a manager at your company.

If you feel stuck, do not worry. If you feel you need to search for something, go for it… look for it.

purpose corporate worker

Reality of our Day Jobs

If you’ve already figured out what you want to do with your life, do it.

Even if it means sticking with your current job.

Let’s all be realistic here. Not all of us have the luxury and money to stop for a while, maybe for a month just to search for what we really want. We all need to survive and pay the bills.

At the least, we also need to be fair with our employer.

Following your heart does not necessarily mean quitting your job.

That may be irresponsible, especially if you have a LOT of responsibilities like a normal Filipino worker (mostly bread-winners). Sometimes doing what you love on the side can even spark some inspiration for your current work and life as a whole.

As for me blogging gives me a sense of purpose and meaning.

But if you’ve come to a point when you’ve found a way to earn a living by just doing what you love, what are you waiting for?

Purpose Life
Life’s Meaning and Purpose


You have a Bigger Purpose

I stumbled upon an interview with an American author, Caroline Myss. She says, “If you have a life, you have a purpose.”

Well, that statement hit me. A spot on! I realized that If I have a bigger purpose in this world. It is definitely not going to the office every day and go home late at night. 🙂

After much contemplation, an epiphany hit me. That my purpose and meaning is to simply write.

And so this blog was born.

Myss further explained,the moment we were born, we all have this what she called “Sacred Contracts.” It’s like a Spiritual document that only your soul recognizes. There is something that you are meant to do.

That’s the reason why there are times when we do something but just didn’t feel right. It’s a sign that you’ve got to keep looking for that fire and passion, and what you’re currently doing isn’t for you.

When you find it, you’ll know because it will just feel right.

For most of us who are left wandering, she explained that it is our job to find it. Chase your purpose and passion. So if you feel frustrated with your work, and unhappy with your life as a whole, it is a sign. It is a sign that you got to keep looking.

As I embark on my journey in pursuing writing and traveling, I have become more at-peace with my day job now. I now see it as a way to become better and tougher as a person. Creating this blog has made my life so meaningful and purposeful that it made me less-frustrated and worried.

At the end of the day, you still have to be fair with your employer right? You still need to perform and do your job well.

If there will come a time that you feel you need to leave, then you may do so. Go ahead.

Higher Purpose Corporate Slave
It’s about time to do what makes you happy.


It’s about time to aim with an eagle’s eye and go for it.

Do not hold back.

In the end, it is better to have a life spent on searching, looking for that meaning, than be stagnant and resent every day.

Life is too short to spend on dreams that are not meant for you. You got to look for your own.

Trust me, it’s going be all worth it.


  1. Awwe, I’m happy you already found your purpose – and here i am squandering my life away – kidding haha!

    Cheers to a good life, a tough life, and a meaningful life, Jon!

  2. Nice (ate Neizel)

    Don, I see something good is going to happen just keep on doing what you really love most, you will see one day you are doing the fullest of your ability and become more happier because you find something that is more inspiring…just keep on blogging….God bless

  3. I feel like you’re talking to me directly. 😛

    I so know that feeling. That’s why it’s so important to keep a balance. Taking a mini-break or having an outlet. Thank God for vacations and blogging. Life’s better. 🙂

    1. Hi Lux,

      It’s glad to know that this post resonates with you. I am also finding my balance. This will be the first step before breaking free. Let’s all work for our dreams by finding meaning. Thanks for dropping by

    1. Hi Yvone,

      This is the same dilemma for the rest of us. But the best thing is at least we are aware that we have better purpose in life than working in our routine job. It is better to work towards it than settling to a mediocre life, a life that is not maximizing your capabilities. At the end of the day, we all deserve the best!

  4. I once read that you have to look beyond the paycheck to survive the corporate world, and that will help you find your deeper purpose at work. I have to agree, but sometimes, the usual grind can really take a toll on you. That’s when having an outlet to destress becomes important. That’s why I keep blogging 🙂

  5. Right now, I’m currently stuck with my studies as I want to pursue teaching as my job and I think I’m gonna enjoy this profession! 😀

    But good for you that you’ve started blogging for you to have the outlet to share your thoughts to your readers and you’ll have so much fun doing it! 🙂

  6. Yes, that is true. Everyone has a purpose in life. In our case, we should define it so that we could properly accomplish it. In the long run, therefore, we’re free of entanglement of any form which may hinder our attainment of success.

  7. Yan

    hi jon! glad i stumbled upon your post! been reading blogs all day and this by far is the most refreshing. reminds me of when i finished The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, it’s a Christian book and it helped me so much in finding my purpose. >XD looking forward to read more of your thoughts! 😀

  8. Ed

    Very nice read! I totally agree with your points. Everyone should really have a work-life balance. Blogging also gives me experiences that’s totally different from what my day-job has to offer.

  9. Totally agree! That is why I resign from my job and manage my own business now. I am happy and satisfied with I have now, and I am praying for continuous blessings I receive everyday.

    Always think POSITIVE. When you are ready for grace, grace will arrive.
    If you expect trouble, trouble will hurry to your door.
    Look for grace.

  10. This is what I currently feel with my job…stuck. The reason why I am looking for a chance and preparing to build my own business empire lolz, no, just a small business I can manage so I will have more time for family.

  11. Great post and totally agree. I was a lawyer in a City firm and it all looked great when set out on a CV but I hated it. Everyone kept trying to persuade me that I should – had to – stick with it and threw up dozens of hurdles when I said I was leaving. But I ignored them and went travelling and realised almost every decision I had made before then had been wrong but that one was definitely right

  12. I experienced it too, a day where I’m on my monotonous task at work then something rang the bell in my head. It triggered – I want to read more books by many famous authors. I want to write like how they write. I want to publish my own novel and be a bestselling author. There’s a lot of possibilities so i suggest anyone to break free and know your purpose. 🙂

  13. Very inspiring post! There is truly a lot more to our lives than just working an 8-hour job. I believe that each of us were created for a purpose. May all of us find and pursue that purpose – only then will we truly be fulfilled.

  14. Same with Clarice, I also left my corporate job for around six months now. But not because I wanted to. Hahaha. My quest for pregnancy required me to slow things down and so here I am, doing what I love most. Writing and being paid for it. I would have never thought that this would happen 🙂 While I still crave being in corporate, family comes first. So the writing continues… 🙂


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