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Salibungot Beach in Jomalig Island

Upon arriving Jomalig island, I noticed this glistening golden sand from afar.

That’s Salibungot beach, considered as the main beach of the island where more travelers enjoy swimming and beach bumming. But we weren’t able to experience that by the time we arrived. It was already 11am, and we went straight to the resort, which is a motorcycle ride away or habal-habal.

We had our lunch at SPIR, the resort that we stayed in Jomalig. They served fresh seafood there that we really enjoyed for an affordable amount of 100 pesos per person.

We intended to just relax that day.

We’ve gone through a lot, during our travel going to Jomalig. We were already at the bus station in Manila by midnight. After 4 hours of land travel we waited for like an hour at the port in Real, then embarked another 5 hours of boat ride. Imagine that, 5 hours!

We intended to just stay at the resort and explore the beachfront. But Kuya Victor, the habal-habal driver was very convincing, and persistent I must say.

So we agreed to have the habal-habal tour on our first day. It was tiring, yet we enjoyed the best spots in Jomalig, and guess what, the last destination of our tour was Salibungot beach.

It was late afternoon when we arrived at Salibungot.

First, we took some photos of the popular, “I love Jomalig” sign at the beach, then off we go to the beach.

Salibungot beach didn’t fail us.

After the exhausting travel followed by tour, it was a perfect spot to finally enjoy the calmness and beauty of nature.

It is important for couples to have that precious moments together when traveling. We just sat there for minutes, enjoying the sun and looking at the vast beauty in front of us.

Salibungot Beach Jomalig
Salibungot Beach
Jomalig Island Salibungot beach

Then comes swimming time.

The clear and relaxing water was just perfect to soothe our body and mind. Yes, it is not easy to travel to Jomalig, but everything was worth it, and Salibungot is just one of the many beautiful spots on the island, just one.

Sunset was just awesome.

Salibungot Beach Jomalig
Dramarama sa Hapon hahaha!

Darkness started to set in, so we met our habal-habal drivers also relaxing on the beach when we decided to go back to the resort.

We freshened up, had our dinner at the resort. We had fresh seafood and we ate like there was no tomorrow. (PG lang?) hahaha!

Then we had a good night sleep, that quality rest that we’ve never experienced in a long time in the city. Jomalig is truly a haven for those stressed people to finally able to relax and disconnect from the busy city life.

Going there is not easy, but as the saying goes, before experiencing an immense beauty, you got to put in the work and sacrifice first.

And I’m willing to do it again, for Jomalig.



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