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Samal Island, Davao : Relaxing Clear Blue Waters

You’ve been working so hard.

Stressed with workload you don’t even understand why there is a need to stress about. In times like these, all you need is a moment to unplug, relax, claim calm and clarity in a paradise. A moment, when you don’t need to think about work and just enjoy life.

The same thing I did with some friends when we visited the beautiful island of Samal in Davao, Philippines.

Early morning, we boarded a boat to bring us to the island. No transportation fee since it was operated by the resort we were about to visit. It was such a pleasure looking at the blue ocean while enjoying the summer wind. After a few minutes, we arrived at Paradise Island Resort.

Davao Philippines
There’s Samal Island
Samal Island

We headed to our rooms. Well, what can I say, it was just perfect. Comfortable and spacious for big men like us. LOL!

Davao Philippines
Bouncer?? haha

If you’re looking for something calm and would want to escape the noise of the city life, I recommend to visit Samal, it’s just a 10 minute boat from mainland Davao.

Our trip was worth it. There were a lot of activities to choose from. We decided to explore the place first and swim later in the afternoon, so we just sweat it out and play table tennis. Yeah baby! LOL

It was just a usual enjoyable game, until the players have become very competitive. 🙂

Davao Philippines
Competitive??? LOL
Davao Philippines
Relax. Before Swimming!

Oh sunset here is one of a kind. It was also the perfect time to swim.

The best thing about it is the cool water. Since our location on the island faces the mainland Davao, the water was calm. And to top it, we enjoyed it’s crystal clear water!

Davao Philippines

Samal Island Davao

I own this place look. LOL!The nightlife in Samal is something to look forward to.

Aside from the delectable seafood dishes, you will also be serenaded by these talented singers. They would sing really relaxing songs at an earlier hours. Until their repertoire switched to party songs!

And the best part was the fire dance, we were seated just in front of the performers. It was literally hot hot hot! LOL

Davao PhilippinesDavao Philippines

Fire Dance Samal Island Davao

Fire Dance Samal Island Davao


The best time to enjoy the island is in the morning. When there’s smaller number of tourists, and you can freely take a swim and go kayaking!

Samal island davap PhilippinesSamal island davap Philippineskayaking Samal island davap Philippines


My personal favorite is the breakfast by the beach.

breakfast by the beach Samal island davap Philippines
Best time. Breakfast shared with good friends.


Oh, how could I forget that relaxing breakfast.

It’s an experience that reminds me to take it slow, be calm… realize that at the end of the day, the things that matter are family, friendship and doing what you love.

We might not have a choice but to conform – work hard, deal with stress. There are ways to unplug, recuperate…and most importly, just simply live life.




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