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Exploring the Secret Lagoon of El Nido

The moment I jumped into the sea, I already felt those sharp rocks on my feet. If there’s one tip for you who plans to do the tours in El Nido, put your aqua shoes on.

Because aside from the breathtaking views and beaches, there are gems in El Nido that you have to discover, and going there is never easy.

Ouch! Those rocks hurt. So I walked, glided to the water slowly.

I kept swimming until Eloi and I reached the end of this huge rock formation where we spotted a queue. One by one passing through this small hole or tunnel.

At first, I wondered if I could fit myself there. Haha!

As we were getting closer to the hole, I was finally getting the sense of it. So this is why the place is called The Secret Lagoon. You’re going to crawl through that hole, and you’ll get to the lagoon on the other side.

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan
Where are they going?
Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan
Kasya ba ko?

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

So that’s what happened, I did my best to fit myself into that hole.

There, we were welcomed by this small enclosed lagoon surrounded by dark rocks and limestone. I couldn’t explain the feeling of being there, the place was a bit creepy. I was bewildered. The lagoon has an unusual feel.

Eloi even said, “Nakakatakot (scary)”

It was like the walls, the water has some energy or story that you can actually feel it. Weird. I don’t know maybe that’s what they call connection with nature or something. Just see for yourself.

Only a few number of people can be inside the lagoon at a time. Slowly, more and more tourists were coming in. So I just took photos and also videos of the place, in the hopes that I could also do my own videos of our El Nido trip.

Then lo and behold, Jojo, one of our guides offered to take picture of us. I thought ,we would just pose and then finished. But we were surprised that he climbed a huge rock with my action cam and instructed us to be in a specific location. He counted one to three then snapped some photos!

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan


When we decided to go back. I thought that was it, we’d just go back to the boat and off to the next island.

We didn’t notice that there was this beach like a small cove on the other side. Despite the sharp rocks, we swam again, crawled and walked through the water until we reached that beach.


Totally surprised by the beauty that we witnessed. Oh my El Nido, you just keep on surprising us!

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

Secret Lagoon El Nido Tour A Palawan

We stayed there for a few minutes until Jojo called our attention, that it was time to go.

We enjoyed exploring the Secret Lagoon. It was a different kind of adventure. Our experience proves that worthy destinations are harder to explore. If you want to feel better, feel alive by getting into a wonderful place for adventure, you have to work for it.

In the end, it was nice to know that the Secret Lagoon for us, is not a secret anymore.


Secret Lagoon More Details

The Secret Lagoon is part of El Nido tour A. Our tour was a complimentary from Northern Hope Tours. Check their website for inquiries and bookings.

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    1. Jon Espina Author

      Hi Gian and Sheila,

      Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I’ve been to El Nido like less than a month yet it feels like I wanna be back hahaha! El Nido is such a beauty. At first I also plan to write a blog post about the entire El Nido experience, but I realized that it would be better to write about every detail, every island and spot we visited, which I think El Nido truly deserves.

      I’ve never been to Cadlao island and I will visit that when I come back. I also wanted to try scuba diving in the future. First I need to learn swimming hahaha! Thanks for dropping by!



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