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Shimizu Island, El Nido : Our Boatmen’s Favorite Island

Our next island to explore has a strange name. It sounds Japanese.

It’s called Shimizu Island. And being the nosy me, who always wants to know the story behind the destinations I traveled, I asked our guides. Jojo was accommodating enough to tell me the story.

It was decades ago when a group of scuba divers explored the underwater beauty of El Nido. They went into a deep underwater tunnel, but unfortunately one of them wasn’t able to come back.

They searched for days, until the body was found in an island with white fine sand and spectacular rock formations. The diver’s surname was Shimizu. El Nido being an archipelago with such beautiful islands, locals would want to name its islands especially those explored ones. And because of the tragic death of Mr. Shimizu, the island was called Shimizu Island.

I was nodding after that. I would like to believe that I believed his story. Haha! But I just couldn’t at first Haha! Maybe it was his way of telling the story that made me doubt a little bit if he was really serious about it or just making a joke.

But don’t worry I double checked the facts and yes, the island was actually named after the tragic death of the Japanese diver.

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan
Shimizu Island

But Jojo has another story. And I was intrigued when he said this in Tagalog, “Shimizu island is the official favorite island of boatmen, like me!”

I replied, “what?” I didn’t get it so I asked him why.

“Because this is where we eat our lunch!” then he laughed, as if he made the funniest joke in the world. Hahaha!

Okay. Now. That was the joke? I wasn’t informed. Haha!

Then we arrived at Shimizu Island. It was just the same El Nido island… stunning limestones, beautiful white sand.

We were given like 30 minutes to explore and snorkel while they prepared our lunch. And oh boy, Shimizu has an interesting snorkeling area. There were fishes of different colors! Shimizu is the perfect island getaway with rich marine life.

Shimizu Island El Nido Tour a Palawan

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan

So the time for lunch has come. Who wouldn’t be excited with a buffet of grilled fish, liempo with crabs, vegetable and fruits chopped in different sizes.

We said our prayer first, took some group picture and then bang! we didn’t talk for a few minutes. Were were all busy.

The food seemed more delicious while eating at Shimizu Island. The shades provided by limestone and the breeze from the sea was perfect for the seafood fiesta. Eloi devoured a lot of crabs. Look at this. Hahaha!

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan
Let’s eat!

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Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan
Ganado! haha

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan

I was satisfied and full. And it was unnecessary to ask Eloi if she did, the answer was obvious. Haha! We were still given like 20 minutes to swim, just in time for our guides to prepare to sail to our next destination.

When it was time to go back to the boat, I finally understood why Shimizu is our boatmen’s favorite. Looking back at the entire experience, I wouldn’t deny the fact  that I had great memories of Shimizu island. Of how me and Eloi laughed so hard when I teased her about eating too much crabs. So it is also my favorite island in El Nido.


Shimizu Island, EL Nido Travel Guide

Shimizu is part of El Nido tour A together with 7 Commandos Beach and the Lagoons. Our tour was a complimentary from Northern Hope Tours. Please visit their website for inquiries and bookings.

Where to stay in El Nido?

We stayed at Ocean Vista Inn, it is near the beach and at the heart of El Nido town. For more hotels in El Nido and Palawan, click here.

How to get to El Nido?

There are daily flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Book your flight and once you’re in Puerto Princesa, there are vans going to El Nido.

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