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Kayaking at Small Lagoon, El Nido

It was the last spot to explore in the whole day of touring El Nido islands.

Though excited for the Small Lagoon, then finally go back to town and rest, I was worried that I might not be able to take pictures on this last destination.

My action camera was slowly losing its battery charge.  Oh no! So I turned it off for a while.

Once we arrived at the Small Lagoon area, our guides told us that the better way to explore was through kayaking. If you’re an Olympic swimmer and will not get tired easily, you can swim. Haha! But for us, kayaking is the way to go. The rent was about 300 pesos for a big kayak good for two persons.

Of course, Eloi and I availed that. It was our first time to kayak together. I’ve enjoyed kayaking in the past but I was always solo during that time.

After the balancing act, we finally settled. Eloi was in front of me and then we paddled together.

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a

Small Lagoon is part of the Miniloc Island, home of the most beautiful lagoons in El Nido.

We just followed around the rest and it pointed us to the farthest part where we could see people entering into a narrow way going to the inner parts of the lagoon.

It was then I realized how hard it ia to kayak with someone. I mean when you’re not solo either your kayaking as a couple, with a friend or group. When you’re solo you can easily manuever, control and direct yourself to your destination. But when you’re with someone, it was a lot harder. Haha!

I was constantly reminding Eloi who was paddling in front of me, “If you want to go to your left, paddle from your right side.” Eloi got the direction, but we were still unable to go to wherever we want to! We would be stucked bumping into limestone rocks.

When we were having a bad time kayaking, I saw Michael and Sarah, the Swiss couple we met during the tour. They smiled and we smiled back while we were trying to be back on track. Haha! They were really good that I felt envious for a while. Haha! Looking at them makes everyone think that kayaking with someone or with a group is so easy.

Due to our frustration, I almost forgot about the camera. That I had to take photos! I reminded myself that hello Jon, you are a blogger remember? Haha!

It was just sad that when I looked at my cam, it was totally drained. Waaahhh!

Imagine, I had to help out with the kayaking, while trying to figure out if I could still use some of camera’s remaining battery. So I figured out that when I turned it off and on, it will work for a few seconds before totally drained again.

That few seconds before draining, I used that little time to quickly snap some photos! Oh boy, it was hard work!

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a

So we finally arrived at the entrance to the inner lagoon. It was like a narrow gap between two limestone rocks. And so with our difficulty to be in sync while kayaking, just thinking about how on earth are we going to pass through stressed me a bit. Just a bit. Haha! Because when you’re in a place like El Nido, you can never afford to entertain any negative thoughts nor feeling. The place is a paradise!

So my positivity paid off! Armed with fighting spirit, we were able to pass through and we were welcomed by a calm, cold water in a small lagoon enclosed with limestone rocks. It was a peaceful, calming place.

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a
Medyo umambon

We were starting to enjoy the place, looking with awe in our eyes, until we suddenly bumped into other kayaks. Haha! It was no time to relax, Eloi and I had to work hard to properly direct our kayak. Hahaha!

But nonetheless, the place was magical.

Small Lagoon El Nido tour a
Back on the boat

By the time we were back to the boat, we were able to talk to our new friends, Michael and Sarah from Switzerland. And we told them about our experience with kayaking. They said that they stayed at a hotel in Thailand that the only way to get out there was to kayak, so they were able to “hone” their kayaking skills there. Oh that explains why they were very good with it.

Then suddenly I just thought about an idea, that kayaking as a couple is like a relationship. You need to openly communicate to be able to go to the right direction that you both wanted to reach. Naks! Hahaha!

Oh El Nido has been giving these ideas and reflection despite the bad things that happened. In a place where you’re surrounded by just plain beauty and positvity, it’s soothing, reminding you to always look at the brighter side.


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  1. Kayaking is very fun. I really like kayaking. And Small Lagoon is like a secret pocket of wonder on its own in El Nido! Take a tour to get to this place. A must-go-to place for anyone. Seriously, don’t leave El Nido if you haven’t been to this lagoon! ?


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