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Talay Falls: A Must-See in Luisiana, Laguna


I woke up then looked at the gloomy sky.

Our guides’ sleeping area has become our refuge when a downpour happened that night, bringing tons of water in our tents. We relocated and stayed with them, slept on some chopped woods with ants underneath it. It was an unfinished house, with roof but no walls.

Aside from the constant itchy feeling on my feet, because of mosquitoes or ants, we also endured the cold air and rain in the middle of the jungle.

I was so thankful to Nico and Ariel, our guides for helping us. It was another moment, a realization that guides are there not just to help you with the directions towards the mountain but to also keep you safe. At that time I didn’t feel they helped us because they were hired for it, but because it is the nature of every kindhearted human being to help when needed.

The raining didn’t stop, so the soup prepared by Mike, a friend and travel buddy, was the comfort we needed that cold morning. It was a good breakfast.

Talay Falls Luisiana Laguna
Served as our shelter during the rainy night.


The weather didn’t stop us from exploring the beauty of Luisiana, Laguna. Our first stop, Talay Falls!

To be honest, I was more excited to see the famous Hulugan Falls of Laguna. But you know, if you’re about to travel and witness the town of Luisiana, it’s better to explore the other waterfalls there. During my weekend travel, I got to experience three waterfalls. How cool is that?!

Talay Falls is just a 20 minute trek from our camp site. It was so near I could almost hear the splash of water from the river that connects to the falls. Since it was raining that time, the trail was slippery and muddy.

Though we were all soaking wet, the hike was fast! After a few minutes, we’ve finally witnessed Talay Falls. Well, as expected, it was beautiful.

Talay Falls Luisiana Laguna
First glimpse of Talay Falls
Talay Falls Luisiana Laguna
galak na galak? LOL!


Looking at its splendor, Talay is like a two layered waterfalls, a creation of nature. Below is a wide body of water perfect for a photo op, while the one on top is a huge falls directly coming from the mountain. It was like a force to be reckoned with, the water creates this huge and resounding splash.

Despite the not so good weather, I was still able to get a swim and made my way through to this huge rock at the center to get a perfect shot.

Talay Falls Luisiana Laguna
transfered to another rock.


Once you get to Talay, you better get the best out of it, so never settle to exploring the lower part. Get to the top to enjoy the best view.

At the right side of the waterfalls, there’s this trail going up. It was steep but I think everyone can manage. But for  rainy days, be careful with the climb and get a strong grip on those bamboo trees surrounding the area.

Once I get there, it was a perfect spot.

Talay Falls Luisiana Laguna


Looking at the vast river and the nature surrounding it made me realize two things. One is get out and experience outdoors!

I know there are some who don’t want it because of its inconvenience, but if you feel there is something in you that tells you you need to go out and experience nature for whatever reasons, you do it!

The other thing is, I was just astounded to learn that Laguna has these beautiful waterfalls. I mean sometimes we tend to underestimate the towns just near Manila and look for some faraway places. This experience is a learning for us to open our eyes and minds for the beauty around us that we sometimes take for granted.

So for all travelers and adventurers out there? What are you waiting for? Head on to the town of Luisiana, Laguna!



Talay Falls – Tips and Guides

  1. Once you get to San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna, just walk a few meters from the welcome arc of the barangay to the Barangay Captain’s house. It serves as a starting point of the trek going to the waterfalls. Just register for Php 10 and get a guide.
  2. Tell the guide that you want to explore Talay Falls and Hulugan Falls so he will assist you to the trail that meets the two waterfalls. If you want to do an overnight stay at the camp site, the local barangay have already determined the perfect spot to spend a night and explore the two falls. That’s what we did.
  3. The trail for travelers who want to go straight to Hulugan Falls is different from the trail that connects to Talay, so make sure you tell the guide that you also want to go to Talay. Okay?
  4. Enjoy the trek and beauty of nature.
  5. Based on our experience, the guides there are well-trained and nice. We just couldn’t imagine our lives in the middle of forest when that downpour struck if not for them. They’re the best! Guide fee is not standard yet, but please make sure you give a fair and decent pay for them.


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