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Tikling Island : The Pinkish White Beach of Matnog, Sorsogon


‘’Why is this named Tikling?’’

I asked our guide, Grace, as we set foot on this island off the coast of Matnog, Sorsogon. She then answered in Tagalog, “ there’s a lot of Tikling on this island, but not as many as before.”

And I was like, “Tikling?”

“Yes, the birds.”

Okay. This island was named after a kind of bird. Let’s not talk more about what the bird Tikling looks like, I just wanted to know the story of this island since I was drawn and intrigued by its charm.

After more than 15 hours land travel from Manila to Matnog port and another 20 minute boat ride, I was in need of something to make me feel good. And Tikling island gave me that. When we were about to get close to Tikling, I was fascinated by its white sand. I remember telling myself, “wow another unspoiled white beach.”

But the moment we finally set foot on the island, one thing made me look intently on its sand in particular. Well, it wasn’t actually white. I mean the color of the sand. It was more of pinkish. Yes, it was pinkish. It is because of the powdered red corals scattered all throughout the beach.

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol
Tikling Island

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Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol

The pinkish white sand compliments well with clear aquamarine waters.

It was already afternoon when we were there, so we knew that the best look of the beach can be experienced during morning, but well it was still beautiful. It was nice wading bare foot into the water while some of our group were resting on some wooded chairs under a tree.

Tikling is a privately owned island according to Grace. But people are allowed to have some day tour. There’s no cottage nor resort on the island. The only people who lived there is the caretaker and his family, together with their wild boars. Yes, there are wild boars there. I smiled when I saw them. You know the Tagalog phrase, Lukso ng Dugo, that’s exactly what I felt. Just kidding! Hahaha!

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol
walk and walk

I heard someone called my attention. Grace told us that we’re going to do a quick trek going to the rock formation.


If most of the blog post about Tikling shows only about the beauty of the beach, trees and vegetation, the caretakers were proud to say that there are rock formations on the island. Just a quick walk passing through the forest, we then arrived at the other end of the island where we saw these huge rock formations.

One noticeable there were also the big waves coming from the Pacific Ocean. This might be a good surfing spot if not for the rocky shores.

I would also want to go to the rock formations but my slippers wouldn’t permit it. The rocks were really slippery and sometimes sharp so you need a good pair of slippers or sandals to get there. Walking there barefoot is not an option for me. Hahaha!

So I just took some picture of my new travel friends as they did a quick walk to and from the rocks.

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol
There’s a bit of a discussion here. haha!

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Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol

It was late afternoon when we got back to the beach. As much as we want to swim more, we had to leave because we still have to explore a Marine Sanctuary before we head to Subic Beach in Calintaan Island where we were about to spend the night.

But hey, that doesn’t mean we didn’t get a chance to get some more photos, especially this jump shot! Haha! Cheers to my new friends and travel buddies. It was an awesome experience!

Tikling Island Matnog Sorsogon Bicol
Jump Shot!!!  Photo Credit: Ms. Wella Fan 🙂

When we left Tikling traveling by boat to the next destination, I realized that hey, I’ve explored another unspoiled white sand beach in our country. Tikling is definitely one of the reasons why I love exploring the Philippines.

It’s always full of surprises. We just don’t realize how lucky we are.



How to go to Tikling Island

Tikling Island is just off the coast of Matnog port in Sorsogon. About 12 to 14 hours land travel from Manila to Matnog port then another 20 minute boat ride to the island. There are bus companies that offer trips going to Matnog. Check out Philtranco just to name one. There are times that they allow passengers to ride buses bound to Northern Samar (Rawis), but of course your drop off point is the Matnog Port.

By Air – Take a flight going to Legazpi, Albay, then ride a tricycle going to the Central Terminal. There are buses there going to Sorsogon City. Once you get to Sorsogon City, just take another jeepney ride going to Matnog. In Matnog town proper, coordinate with the Matnog Tourism Office just across the Municipal Hall.


Matnog Trip – Other Details

Register at the Tourism Office. Registration fee is Php 50 for us Pinoys, and Php 300 for foreigners. Environment fee is fixed at Php 20. You can alse get assistance from the Tourism Officers to rent a boat for your Matnog Island hopping trip. It includes Tikling island, Juag Fish Sanctuary and Subic Beach!

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