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Tinalisayan Island in Masbate: Another Sandbar to Discover

I couldn’t help it.

The moment I saw this tiny island from afar, I stood up despite the quite bumpy boat ride. When we got closer, due to so much happiness I guess of what I was seeing, I could almost imagine Chris Rock telling me, “Damn, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Haha!

Surprised. I never expected that the usual island hopping would be “an experience.”

Our tour coordinator instructed the bangkeros (boat men) to go straight to the sandbar. The boat made its turn and stopped in the middle of long stretch of sandbar with crystal clear water.

The island itself is so small, that the word islet would be a more appropriate term. At the end of this sandbar, the island was visible with its white sand and rock formation.

But no doubt,  the main attraction of our morning was the sandbar…

Honestly, I did not pay much attention to this island while reading our itinerary because of its tongue twister name. I always mix up its vowels whenever I pronounce it. But now, I realized this deserves my full attention. It surprised me that from now on, I will never forget its name – it’s Tinalisayan Island in the province of Masbate.

Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Approcahing Tinalisayan Island


Tinalisayan Island is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of San Pascual in Masbate. This is part of the Burias Island, one of the three main islands of the province. The other two are Masbate Island and Ticao.

Burias Island has 2 municipalities namely Claveria and San Pascual.

San Pascual is blessed with surrounding small islands with unspoiled white beaches and spectacular rock formation, one of the town’s best kept treasure is Tinalisayan. Just about 30 minute boat ride from the mainland.

Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate

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Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
getting off the boat


Seeing it from afar is totally different from actually being there. Well, after getting off the boat, we were welcomed by this immense beauty, pure white sand and clear water. It was calming yet mesmerizing. Naks!

Tinalisayan is over the top! Definitely exceeded my expectations. I had so much joy marveling at the place just like a little kid. Traveling and being able to experience such beauty truly brings back the wonder of a kid in you.

And what better way to enjoy than by taking photos and videos. I’d stop telling you how beautiful Tinalisayan is, just look at these photos and watch this wacky video of us. I call it “Ikot Serye, Tinalisayan Edition” LOL!

Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Eloi, my beautiful Madam. hehe
Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Kuya Romulo, the bangkero
Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate

Here’s a simple video of Tinalisayan. The Ikot Serye – Tinalisayan Edition.

It was quite a long travel by land and sea to get there.

There were also some inconveniences that happened during the trip that I prefer not to talk about but in just a snap, they were all gone. Just being in the moment in Tinalisayan.

The water was cool and relaxing, perfect to beat the summer heat. And of course, it was another chance for me and Eloisa to enjoy each others’ company. Yihhii!

Swimming in the cool water in the middle of the blue ocean with great company and friends, another priceless moment that only traveling could give.

Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Where are you going my dear?


Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Tinalisayan Island Burias Island Masbate
Rose and Bert
Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
Another sweet couple, Chito and Penny
Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate
our very good friend, Joey. We met him in Calaguas and became a travel buddy since then.

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Tinalisayan is again another good reason why we need to explore our own country, The Philippines.

As most travel bloggers proudly advise, Pilipinas muna or Philippines First. Explore and appreciate our very own first. So by the time we travel to other countries, we’re whole and firm with our conviction that yes! they should visit OUR country. It’s beautiful!



Tinalisayan Island – How to get there

Pasacao Port in Camarines Sur is the jump off point going to San Pascual, Burias Island. If you’re from Manila, there are buses that would take you to Naga. At the terminal of Naga, ride a jeep going to Pasacao Port. Fare is about 30 pesos. Another option are vans near SM Naga can also take you to Pasacao Port. There are three scheduled trips from Pasacao port going to San Pascual.

Once you get to San Pascual, there are boats that you can rent going to Tinalisayan and other islands. It is recommended that you coordinate with the Tourism Office at San Pascual port for registration and assist you in renting a boat.

For Guide to Burias Island Hopping Tour, please check this post, Burias Island: Your Summer Destination in Masbate

Via Tours

There are also some tour operators that offer trips to Tinalisayan and other nearby islands.


  1. Hey, Jon!! Im planning to visit Masbate in June? Any recommendations? I enjoy trekking, snorkeling, (hopefully if i can learn diving and padi certified :D), and if i can learn rock climbing too, HAHAHA or at least try these things. what do you think?

  2. Angie Asucro

    Masbate is my hometown, pero di ko pa ito naikot…now, i decide to go home para ma explore ang aking hometown hehe…Thank you sa post!

  3. Lina

    Visit Masbate next week for the Rodeo Festival on April 12-17, from here you can go for an island hopping to the beautiful islands and islets with stunning rock formations found in Burias and Ticao Islands. You can also savor the Rodeo experience by visiting a Ranch, try it and you will love Masbate.

  4. Ikot serye talaga hahaha…

    Seriously, Tinalisayan looks amazing, and wow the water is so blue! Imagine there are sandbars like these in the Philippines and I’ve only seen one of them in Caramoan. I have never been to Masbate, looks like you just gave me a pretty good reason to go there pare!

  5. Tinalisayan Island indeed looks like a revelation. What a beautiful place and such wonderful beaches. Probably because it is lesser known, it still retains its beauty which is not yet eroded by the trappings of commercialization.

  6. Amazing! My friend has been prodding me to explore Masbate for awhile now and looking from your pics, I really have to go soon!

    Thanks for sharing Jon! Another awesome post! 🙂

  7. Kat

    Masbate is an underrated province, if you ask me. It has so many gems waiting to be discovered, such as this one. Nice photos btw! 🙂 I wasn’t that interested in visiting Tinalisayan Island since I’d already been to other islands in Burias such as Sombrero Island… until I stumbled upon this post, that is.


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